Worst Games Ever – Charlotte's Web

Always looking for the next license to help them BRING HOME THE BACON, Blast Entertainment decided to GO HAM Charlotte’s Web but, predictably, made a real PIG’S EAR of it. Time for us to go the WHOLE HOG and PIG OUT on another Worst Game Ever. [Alan, please add more pig puns before this goes live]

Thank you to Ethan for sending us this game.

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34 thoughts on “Worst Games Ever – Charlotte's Web”

  1. I love how ben said "I'm technically CEO of"… and then realised how few entertainment companies he owned and just finished with "me"

  2. Tried making 3:50–3:52 a GIF.
    Video was too long to be processed.

    Shame. It would have been suitably hilarious.

  3. Here's a hot fresh science fact:

    Due to the way barn spiders reproduce during the course of the film Charlotte had violently hate fucked and then murdered another spider during her time mentoring the pig in order to get her eggs fertilized.

  4. Worst games ever bio
    Name: Ben
    Role:games victim
    Height: 3 little pigs
    Alias: A farmer
    Special fact: Likes bacon

    Name: Peter
    Role games master
    Alias: Farmers wife
    Height: Little pig
    Special fact: Never seen a pig

  5. Hey boys, I just wanted to stop and say I love your new content/channel. The podcast as well as redacted-iots podcast are fantastic. The top tens you do here are so good and well-written, funny and brilliant. Cheers

  6. Looks like the 'deluded morons' of the EU have voted to come for this shit. RIP gamers, streamers. "Molly, you in danger girl".

  7. I was half asleep last night watching this, the geordie accent and the reference to the garlic and chips video had me creased ahahahaha


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