Whoa, I Remember: Tonka Search & Rescue: Part 1

(Hasbro Interactive) (1997)

Welcome to Tonka Town, where you can participate in exciting rescue missions using Tonka trucks, boats, and helicopters, You can also repair, equip, and customize Tonka vehicles. Enter the Tonka Academy to learn the ropes: rescue stranded hikers, battle blazing buildings, or race a rescue boat through a watery obstacle course. Once you are prepared, you can command 3 missions sites: 1. the earthquake battered zoo, 2. the raging flood, or 3. the blazing harbor! Tonka Search & Rescue encourages your child to use problem-solving skills, rescue know-how, and imagination to get the missions accomplished. Plus, you can enter the Print Center to print out hero awards, personalized newspapers, stickers, and I.D. cards. You can even construct a real Tonka Search & Rescue play set for fun away from the computer.
Tonka Search & Rescue takes you to an animated and colorful place with realistic rescue adventures. Friendly on-screen helpers keep your child entertained, challenged, and rewarded while developing valuable skills.

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