What Happened To American Dragon Jake Long?


jace (my music producer) :

American Dragon: Jake Long is an American animated television series. It was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation

American Dragon

Disney Television Animation is the television animation production arm of the Disney Channels Worldwide dedicated to creating, developing and producing animated television series, films, specials and other projects.



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40 thoughts on “What Happened To American Dragon Jake Long?”

  1. Shows like this dont get any recognition. Similar to Code Lyoko. Its l like of all the tv shows from the era you only hear about Avatar The Last Airbender. Yes Airbender was amazing but man theres so much more.

  2. Deymmn 🔥 this is my most favorite cartoon of all times, my childhood cartoon 😍, wish to have season 3 😢, Please have season 3 😭

  3. The thing the you said a him not being the one being born in the UK but you have to look the fact that Jake was older then his cousin there for being born first being the first dragon in the UK and his cousin being the second.

  4. many Disney series from the past have had a real film adaptation, some were good and some were not. But what I am aiming for is the "american dragon jake long" has a chance to get a real film. would be pretty cool right?

  5. Yo this was my favorite Disney cartoon of all time . He was like Disney Channels Danny Phantom still to this day never forget about this show. R.I.P too the 2000's 2000-2009 🙏😇

  6. There should totally be a reboot! Plus, I feel like if done right this could actually be a good live-action! It could be way better than the Kim Possible re-boot!

  7. It'd be cool if they brought it back, just make it like a drama that most people wanna see. Like maybe it could be about his relationship with Rose and/or continuing from when Rose got destroyed(?), but came back and just didn't remember Jake.

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  9. I really do enjoy it i dont why they stop it for what reason it was really good and I enjoyed a lot they should continue it because they did good on it


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