Voice Acting + Secrets! Undertale Determination: Dubbed

Secret boss fights in Undertale Determination: Dubbed! With commentary / reactions.

0:00 Madam Sharky
9:49 DJ Napstablook
20:39 The Fallen
35:41 Extras

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Determination is an Undertale tribute created by geek2games. It lets you continue after the Genocide ending and fight Chara in a final epic showdown.

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47 thoughts on “Voice Acting + Secrets! Undertale Determination: Dubbed”

  1. Im gonna say it too much at this point but THANK YOU FOR PLAYING THIS
    Once again, this was a labor of love and we worked really hard on it and im so so proud of what we accomplished. Danny really deserves alot of credit and recognition for this. Hes truly a wizard.
    Thank you for playing this on your channel for thousands of people to expierence our voices. It truly means alot to all us.
    Whether people like us or not, we all came together and made something amazing and i wouldnt ever let anything take that away. These voice actors are truly amazing and deserve all the love and support you can give them.
    Im glad that so many people watching this really enjoyed it. Im glad you enjoyed it. We put so much into this and to see you play it, once again, is truly amazing. Thank you so much for giving the Dubbed version a chance and thank you for showing it off to people. Thank you so very much 💜

  2. i love this becuse it shows chara is not the bad guy,he jsut try and erese no nobody will feel pain, he just wants to stop him, and it shows frisk did not do it, You (the player) did it. (20:39)

  3. Wow so cool I really mean it it was lit off the hook you are really good at undertale merge thx for showing me !

  4. me When asy attack appears: no……just no……heck no……what kind of sick sadistic game are u playing.let the ded goat have his attacks

  5. this is why undertale is still living after 5 years. thank you merg and STAY DETERMINED!

  6. You feel as if you dive into the sea of comments,you see sme of the voice actors

    It fills you with detemmienation

  7. Who else noticed it's like chapters looking at the time periods, like which fights that are happening at those times so you dont have to guess?

  8. i am basically napstablook but im a gamer bcuz i listen to music often but in the same time i play games

  9. Please subscribe to madam sharky!
    and THANK YOU FOR PLAYING undertale DETERMINATION dubbed there is no gaster fight in this undertale fangame there Will be more updates so maybe there Will be more secret bosses and a gaster fight maybe you may be thinking that there Will be asgore but i think there Will be a omega flowey fight and also sans or maybe a new version of it that's called underswap DETERMINATION dubbed but please creators do it someone needs to make underswap DETERMINATION dubbed and there Will be underswap DJ Napstablook it's going to be epic and another ending the pacifist ending not just the genocide ones i know some other secrets about undertale and also blood will appear when you hit someone like literally DON'T EVER DO PACIFIST and also madam sharky in pacifist will be harder but i want hard bosses and it's going to take 44 hours to complete pacifist chara blindfolded maybe something that you can do is subscribe to madam sharky TURN on post NOTIFICATIONS and you get 1000 hp but also there's a natrual ending too which is going to be very very very cool and there Will be papyrus dreemurr along chinopoterera nedivi chara and also sometimes you die from things you're supposed to be doing yeah and also shaders which do the game more like a cartoon/real life it's going to be very epic and optifine which removes crashes/lag spikes And better FPS and foam fix and less memory
    I also think it would have blade like fire blades dark darker yet darker song it's gaster's song but also a challenge which is no hit no seeing your soul not seeing your health bar also make unitale DETERMINATION dubbed with FREAKING METTATON NEO i love everyone
    – untextered asriel dreemurr's dabbing rainbow skeleton (i mean that's not my name)

  10. 31:14
    chara: your a evil manipulative murderer
    me: chara that is what you are

    btw like if you watching in 2020


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