[Vinesauce] Vinny – Stay Tooned!

Vinny streams Stay Tooned! for PC live on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: May 24th, 2020
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May 24th, 2020 Stream:
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49 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Stay Tooned!”

  1. Wait, what the fuck? I've played this game! I've had a demo of this game 20 years ago and I've been looking for it online ever since but I forgot the actual name of the game.
    I can't believe Vinny randomly ended a decade long search.

  2. I love this game. Ive played it so many times that I know the rooms by heart. My SO thought I was crazy whenever I tried to explain it to him, so I lost my shit when we saw this video. Vinny please give this game a shot, its a genuine treasure with a wide variety of mini games and fun little quirks. It's a multi-episode worth game, and there are rooms you won't even discover this gameplay. This is one of my biggest imprint of games from my childhood, and I beat Akinator with Fiddle the Cat once. (Sorry, just geeking out hard over nostalgia)

  3. Wow, I had no idea this was the source of that Whinefeld thing I'd seen before.
    My first time seeing it was in a Madanonymous video called "whinezeld"
    Being reminded of this got me to rewatch more and man, all this time and I still love their videos.
    Edit: and after a few more videos, madanonymous used it during the ending of the "pit-pat-gnatty-whack" video

  4. What's that one game where everyone is a robot with like a circle for a head and triangles for bodies and you're a detective and one of the robots gets blended in a hot tub?

    I've been thinking about it all night and I really can't remember

  5. Funny bone: relase Stay Tooned
    Vinny: It is like youtube poop before youtube poop.
    Funny bone: WTF man?! make some memes

  6. Shouldn't Fiddles be the one giving you the plot, as he is technically an ally and even warned you to not press the red button.

    But sure, we have to use Frank more, as I don't even see him after that.

  7. So surreal. Played this at a friends house around the time this came out and could never remember the name of it after that point. So glad to finally put the mystery to rest.

  8. these cartoon characters make it clear that they're trying to cause havoc around the apartment and just be dicks to everyone but then also give you extremely helpful advice on how to bypass their obstacles, defeat them and even prevent them from entering your world in the first place. they must really want you to stop them.

  9. It was pointing out the obvious to make the YTP comparison. However, no one expected the creator of the game to show up looking like every YTP creator's collective face reveal. You can explain Simpsons predictions with the sheer volume of Simpsons content, but this game is undeniable proof of either THE capital-P Paranormal or Simulation Theory.

  10. Vinny, you somehow unearthed one of my deepest memories. I BARELY remember this game, but I was suddenly having intense flashbacks for a couple of those minigames. Here, take this piece of heart as a reward.

  11. That contraption part could be an entire looney toons skit, just 5 minutes of building some stupid stuff and then it works…eh. I love this stuff. Great game.

  12. I'm thinking that the pink and blue mischievous cat creatures are maybe supposed supposed to be an Animaniacs parody

  13. "They escaped again!"
    Wait, again? As in this nightmare shit has happened Before? Who is building this remotes that keeps letting this happen?
    Probably the same company that franchises businesses like Freddy Fazbears.

  14. man, you cant make a video game parody like this nowadays.

    no. im serious. you cant. its illegal now. im serious.

  15. I actually let out an hallelujah when he finished the first part of the contraption, and then the fucking music starts. This was a magic moment.

  16. So I had this game as a kid; like, a really little kid.
    I didn't like the game because it didn't give me any other option but to let the toons out. In fact, I didn't play the game because of that. Why would I intentionally cause this big disaster just to get myself out of it? Clearly the quickest way to win was to turn the game off without pressing the red button.


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