Victoria vs Arch Rival – 2019 International WFTDA Championships: Game 12

Victorian Roller Derby vs Arch Rival Roller Derby in Game 12 of the 2019 International WFTDA Championships, hosted by Montréal Roller Derby November 15-17 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.


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4 thoughts on “Victoria vs Arch Rival – 2019 International WFTDA Championships: Game 12”

  1. The following comment is meant for a learning focused league watch party we are having, identifying penalties plus some strategy and individual highlights. Hyphenated time stamps are penalties, please feel free to comment with any additions or corrections.

    4:00 pregame mention about teams penalty tendencies
    4:21 game start whistle

    – 4:24 Multiplayer Block – VRDL 85 in lane 2, sticker on helmet, maintains link with L1 blocker, holds pivot (watch white pivot up inside line off the whistle)

    – 4:27 Arch Blocker 1057 gets moved to front and then engages Bicepsual with forearms, maybe a little direction too, OPR 359 calls forearm

    5:15 Loki Doki move on the outside line. Backward toe stop run, no big deal.

    6:20 Arch 1057 recycling forward on the inside line to catch, nice look.
    – 6:40 Arch blocker 718 skates backward, either destroying the pack or failure to reform

    – 7:37 Arch blocker (inside butt) chickenwings jammer over the inside line, gets forearm call.

    8:30 VRDL Jammer Spinach one hand down, stays in bounds, watch Arch blockers run back nobody. 1900 Switch to O, Bicepsual rolls off O and turns toward line to knockout Arch Jammer.

    – 8:50 first jammer penalty! Track cut on Arch jammer, stepped out but didn’t yield, might have been obscured by IPR

    – 10:00 No pack is called, whistle blows, VRDL pivot gets probably destroying the pack.

    – 10:55 Arch blocker 23 runs to front, then skates back and hits VRDL 85, gets a direction

    11:48 Arch blocker 810 massive catch and guide-out hit. 10/10 control.
    – 12:55 VRDL Blocker 20 Lorrage, gets a forearm, probably when blocking backward (bonus apex spin by Spinach at the same time)
    – 13:53 Bicepsual (VRDL 10) gets a forearm on jammer at the front of the pack, not a great view of the contact but seems impact is when jammer goes down.
    – 13:55 Arch pivot commits direction of play vs. VRDL pivot in lane 1, took forever to figure it out because takes almost 15 seconds to leave the track

    – 15:20 VRDL Blocker 130 gets a track cut, steps over outside line, unclear who she gained position on (edit: is engaging White pivot 1853 when stepping out, maintains superior position.)
    Immediately followed by Bricktator is a beast, fighting a VRDL 3-wall to the outside of turn then fighting for apex line for lead. Followed immediately by a beautiful defensive jam by both teams. Weird what happens to Arch wall when Sarah Love gets through.

    7:40 Loki Doki back at it again with the footwork, sideways run up the inside line.
    – 18:30 VRDL Pivot elbows Arch jammer in the face for a high block

    19:20 Arch jammer planned this apex jump yesterday, and jumps the straightaway on the next trip. Geez.

    – 20:30 VRDL pivot gets a high block call, contact with Dad Bod, Arch blocker on the inside line.

    – 20:55 Arch blocker 121, forearm, can’t tell if it’s the whisker or the chicken wing that gets called

    – 22:05 Lorrage (Blue 20) gets maybe a direction? Or Forearm? During lateral drive to outside line.
    22:10 Arch blocker 1900 stops a run back. Nice.

    23:27 VRDL amazing D-O switch with a sweep, brace leaves 2wall to play O and it works.

    – 24:35 Arch pivot, forearm, called by OPR, holds jammer while skating backward, simultaneous high block on Bicepsual (contact at 24:39), not sure how I feel about that call, takes both skaters forever to leave the track

    ** Official review follows J15, VRDL seeks high block on Arch jammer. Only contact I see on my own review during the jam that might qualify takes place at 25:17 when the camera is outside the turn, helmet to face.

    – 28:20 Arch blocker 567 High Block. Contact is unclear, obscured by pack or might be that left elbow that pops up at 28:17

    – 28:16 Arch blocker 810 forearm call, contact looked more like direction of play than forearm.

    Jam 17 starts 29:14, Pavey’s dip under the hips at the outside to get lead. Beautiful. And HOW QUICK the 2 arch blockers switch to O!

    – 29:47 Arch 810 finally gets that direction call knocking VRDL jammer to the outside
    Screenshot photo-finish of the no cut call the arch blocker tried to draw on the run back is at 29:54. Close but good call.

    – 32:04 VRDL pivot direction, simultaneous Arch 157 also direction but really can’t tell when it happens, sideways bump to the outside?
    – 32:15 Arch 718 gets a direction call, a very direction-happy OPR it seems. Not judgin’, they’re good calls.
    33:30 Spinach with the quick turn-around to get hips by and a perfectly timed call-off.

    – 34:08 VRDL Pivot gets a high block for bringing her arm up and around and making contact to the back of Arch jammer’s helmet

    – 34:44 VRDL blocker gets a low block call, hit on the inside line looked very much hips on hips to me…okay maybe some skate tangle, too.

    – 35:40 VRDL blocker 85 gets tangled up with Arch jammer and takes her down by the arm, gets a forearm call

    **OR to upgrade that forearm to an expulsion, good replay at 37:56

    – 38:40 Arch blocker low block on jammer at the outside line

    – 38:50 Arch pivot makes contact at the back after a No Pack call, gets illegal contact penalty

  2. Amazing inside-line-jumps and play strategies! Have a blast Sarah Love. Thank you.

    1:13:34 VRDL 85 just pushed her teammate 10 to get Annie Swanson down. that's legal?


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