Undertale Determination Secrets

Three secret battles in the Undertale fangame Determination!
With commentary / reactions.

0:41 Madam Sharky Genocide
14:47 Madam Sharky Pacifist
22:24 Cry
25:20 DJ Napstablook
36:14 Flirt
40:15 The Fallen
59:25 Final Attempt

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Determination is an Undertale tribute created by geek2games. It lets you continue after the Genocide ending and fight Chara in a final epic showdown.

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24 thoughts on “Undertale Determination Secrets”

  1. I KILLED everyone

    Weeeelllllll I didn't kill napstablook sans papurus asgore or madam sharky and then there's the survivers and all the shop people but nahh I did genocide

  2. in if undertale was realistic i know why frisk did genocide that is because if he did not flowey killed lad and lad was a lego figure that was his best lad


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