UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor

What would happen if the most famous martial artist of the 70s faced arguably the most famous mixed martial artist of today? We’ll never know, but here it is played out in UFC 3.

UFC 3 Beta Gameplay – Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

UFC 3 Career Mode Gameplay Details – 5 Things You Need to Know:

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42 thoughts on “UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor”

  1. Yea well great game but real life situation, Gregor's speed would have been of advantage to Lee. Lee would be able to predict all his moves and counter it without wasting much energy while Connor would sweat trying to do something that would surprise Bruce.

  2. I don’t fear a man who knows a thousand kicks I fear a man who’s practice a kick a thousand times- Bruce lee

  3. If this is the actual Bruce Lee, MacGregor would be coughing out blood and teeth in mere seconds with him not realizing it. He was a martial artist and philosopher first before acting. He only got into the movies to promote his philosophy on martial arts as teaching via dojo isn't working enough.

  4. kids in the comments: BrUcE LeE iS sO sLoW
    Me and some other smart people knowing that bruce lee would be way too op if he was accurate: BIG BRAIN

  5. ufc should make a mode where you can create and customize your own fighter and have him work his way up the ufc


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