Tonka Search and Rescue Walkthrough

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Just something I thought I would make out of boredom. This is in 60FPS, so feel free to watch in Chrome and set it to 720p for that.
This is one of the few games I played as a kid that I never got around to walkthroughing for a while. Looking back on it, I can tell why — this game is honestly not very good. The hit detection is awful, the controls are bad, and there’s very little variety in gameplay. Some of my gameplay is a little rusty because it’s been so long since I last played this game, so don’t be surprised to see me messing up every once in a while.
I don’t really have anything else to say about this. It’s a pretty boring walkthrough…enjoy, I guess?


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26 thoughts on “Tonka Search and Rescue Walkthrough”

  1. This is one of those Tonka computer games I used to own when I was little. The others I had were Tonka Construction (the first ever video game ever made), Tonka Garage, Tonka Construction 2, Tonka Search and Rescue 2, Tonka Dig n' Rigs, and Tonka Monster Trucks.

  2. Strangely enough when I played the Harbor mission, I always started with the fireboat (although it never mattered within gameplay).

  3. God, I had ALL the Tonka games from the 90s that this dev team put out. Tonka was my SHIT back in 1994-2004.

  4. Anyone have any idea where some of the sound effects come from? Located quite a few sounds from this game in Sound Ideas' General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library, (including some that Tonka Search And Rescue shared with Fireman Sam Series 5!) as well as the 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library, but some of them I still have yet to locate.

  5. If you miss click with the dirt the lady will say "OoOoOoOh don't dump the dirt here!". Me and my brother used to spam click that over and over and laugh till our sides hurt.


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