Tonka Construction Walkthrough

And here we have a redo of what remains my most popular video on this channel, Tonka Construction. I actually debated about this for a very long time, but it’s finally being done. My old walkthrough was insanely successful, well above my expectations. It did have several problems, though — namely, I ran it on my main computer. I had to do it as a last resort situation, and even though it could have been much worse, it has major problems running on a modern computer. The biggest problem was that shimmering glitch, which thankfully looked way better in the recording than it did in the game. I now have VMware, which fixed a lot of problems I initially had. It still has its share of problems (short sounds cutting off and the paint can/dropping rocks into the crusher suddenly not working), but it overall works nine thousand times better. I also skipped over several things in my original walkthrough — I never showed the instructions, the clipboard, or the credits. This walkthrough catches all of those. With all that said, let’s go level-by-level now.
Garage: This area always felt like the first area IMO, even though it’s probably the weakest part of the game. Maybe that’s why it is. I dunno, anyway, I will be showing all of the instructions screens for each of the areas, mostly because they have extra screens not seen in the regular explanations. In fact, the garage doesn’t even have any explanations. The clipboard will be seen later. I decided to stick with random colors because, well, I seriously have no idea how you can get creative with them.
Quarry: The rocks into the crusher glitch a lot on VMware, so I actually exited and re-entered off camera to fix it for the gold. I also uncovered the secret cave I never knew about until legoboy186 told me about it. It takes a ton of times to break down before you actually discover it.
Desert: I was hoping to get the “Pull my britches, this road is open! (throws hat)”, but I didn’t. I also didn’t get the “woah, you’re not fooling around!”, but that’s not much of a loss since I got that in my old one. I have little to say here.
Mountain: Thank goodness the snow won’t hurt your eyes this time. Don’t really have much else to say here besides that.
City: Everyone’s favorite part of this game, and for good reason. I put the same stuff in the same place, because quite honestly, I think it works best with that layout. I find it interesting that the skyscraper’s instructions mention several things that aren’t in the real game. According to it, you were actually going to place the podium and the mail box using the crane!
After that, we learn about the trucks and the credits. That’s basically this walkthrough in a nutshell.


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35 thoughts on “Tonka Construction Walkthrough”

  1. Played this as a child…im 21 about to turn 22 in August…it hits right home….how I WISH AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GO BACK to the good old days….

  2. My God. Reaching into the vault deeeeeep for this one. One of my earliest memories. Had no idea what I was doing but I loved it

  3. Oh my god the fucking NOSTALGIA IS PALPABLE!!! I played the HELL out of this back in the day when I was like 3 to 5 years old, back in like 1997 to 2000! Guess it didnt take much to entertain me back then, but tbh now that I'm 25 I'm getting entertainment just from watching this due to the nostalgia-blast!

  4. Am I the only one who finds it unsettling that the TNT vanishes before explosion in the desert?

  5. Played these games as a kid and through the years I have learned that they have helped shape me into the person I am today. Just recently I went from the drull field of sales to what always interested me as a kid. Mechanics. I am now a shop manager at a mechanic shop and find MUCH more enjoyment from tinkering on cars than trying to push cellphones or outdoor kitchens.

  6. This is the maximum amount of nostalgia ive experienced in life thus far. life was so simple when I used to play this game as a child 20 years ago.


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