Tips to Play Riven Like a Pro

Straight to the point Riven tips.

Sorry this video took longer to make than the other ones. I got a new mic so I’m trying commentary again. This video was supposed to be tips to play Riven like BoxBox, but I learned a lot from Adrian Riven as well. I’m always trying to make my videos the best!

0:26 Mechanics
●Fast Q Combo
●When to Q through
●Holding your Q
●EW Escape combo
●Combos Under Tower
●Ult Mechanics
●Tiamat Combos
●Wallhop Tricks
●Advanced Wallhops
6:52 Macro
●Super Leash
●Laning Phase Tips
●Teamfight Combo
9:51 Runes
10:02 Summoner Spells
10:12 Skill Order
●The Level 2 W Cheese
●E Level 1 vs Rengar/Jayce
10:23 Items
●Starting Items
●For the latest build orders check or
●GA + Stopwatch Trick

Clip Sources

Highscore – Panda Eyes & Teminite
BlackPink – Whistle (Doopiano)
BTS – Idol (Doopiano)
BTS – I Need U (Doopiano)
ilivox – hey hey hey

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21 thoughts on “Tips to Play Riven Like a Pro”

  1. I still have to know more things about riven but this is considered as on of the best Riven's guide out here

  2. Damn this one actually so good as far as item meta changes those tips on combos and overall advice will always help you. BTW those combo cheat sheets are actaully so good hope u haven't stopped putting them in, so helpfull 😀

  3. Bro thank you so much, only with this video I learned how to do the Fast Q combo correctly, can yo make a video showing how to do the difficult wallhops, i can´t do them easily


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