THIS IS YOUR CHANCE – Roelly Winklaar – MR.OLYMPIA 2020

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43 thoughts on “THIS IS YOUR CHANCE – Roelly Winklaar – MR.OLYMPIA 2020”

  1. Greatest arms ever? Roelly or Lee Preast. Roelly is my favorite thought he should have won in 18. He needs to get his lower up to speed and keep abs in check

  2. He not going 2 win. He should have fix his posing by now. Relax his face when hitting poses. If he hasn't figured that out by now.

  3. 1. 2041 = Hadi Choopan Got 42 Years Old. It,s Reallity.

    2. And that's something that can really happen.

    3. >> And judging by the logic, in the reality of the year (2041),When Hadi Choopan was 42 years old, it would happen at the M.r Olympiad.

  4. And The Raiden Motivation Uploaded A Bodybuilder Man With The 42 Years Old… Good, But Hadi Choopan Muscles In (2041), Can Be A Valuest BodyBuilder of BodyBiulding History. Ok. It,s Max Of Reallity And All Accept This. Thanks.

  5. Los amo BBS están bien guapos físicamente k desea ser mi novio mm y sea gay *😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. it these maybe rolly is will be get a his best conditioning.. than just he get a mr.olympia title
    now's olympia's line up is are
    rolly can win.. if he get a best conditioning than.. he can

  7. 0:46 second 😂😂😂 I don't know why people still get shocked with a strong man, it's so natural nowadays….

  8. I love rolley winklaar but inshallah 2020 Mr.olympia winner Rolley Winklaar be honeer love bodybuilding come on Rolley 2020 Mr.olympia stage winner if you inshallah


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