The Traitors Turn on Each Other in Gmod: TTT

We make every stupid decision possible in this Gmod: TTT gameplay.
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Innocent Roles:
• Innocent – No special abilities or weapons. Must take out all Traitors to win.
• Detective – Has equipment to find out who the Traitors are.
• Mercenary – Can buy both Traitor and Detective’s Equipment.
• Glitch – Looks like a Traitor to other Traitors. Cannot see who the Traitors are.
• Phantom – Haunts their killer on Death. If that person dies, the Phantom comes back to life.

Traitor Roles:
• Traitor – Can buy unique equipment and weapons. Must take out all Innocents to win.
• Hypnotist – Can revive dead players into Traitors.
• Vampire – Can briefly become invisible. Gets health from dead players.
• Zombie – Can kill other players with a knife and turn them into other Zombies.
• Assassin – Has one Innocent as their target. Does extra damage to that target and half damage to everyone else. Gets a new target when the current target dies.

Other Roles:
• Jester – Role is shown to Traitors. If they die, they win. Cannot do damage to other players. Cannot be hurt by environmental or fall damage.
• Swapper – Appears as Jester to Traitors. If they are killed, the killer dies and the Swapper is revived as the killer’s role.

Detective Only Weapons:
• Randomat 4000 – Adds a random effect to the current round.
• Golden Deagle – One hit kill on Traitors, but will kill the holder if they shoot an innocent.
• Taser – Rag dolls a player when shot
• Light Saber – Gives the user a Light Saber and Jedi powers.

Traitor Only Weapons
• Boomerang – Insta-kill throwable weapon that returns to the user.
• Barnacle Gun – Places an invisible Barnacle on the ceiling.

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46 thoughts on “The Traitors Turn on Each Other in Gmod: TTT”

  1. People stop being awful to Fiona in the comments challenge! Maybe consider that the thing you're about to type about her has a chance of being sexist and just don't do it! Don't be that person! She's a great addition to AH and I love her because her interactions with the others is always really funny!

  2. I hate Jack's "how was I acting suspicious!?" when he only ever gets called out as a traitor when he is a traitor, just realize that your terrible at being a traitor already. It's starting to get annoying.

  3. I've held off judgement this long….but I cant stand Fiona. She doesn't add anything to the chemistry of the group.

  4. Fiona’s audio setup is trash, that combined with her screaming into the mic is really not pleasant on the ears

  5. I love that gavin checked if any one was watching around 19:37 but Michael was around the corner being a ninja XD

  6. funny thing is…I like alfredo here….nah jk ferdo is fine trevor isn't great too bad I can hardly differentiate between their faces

  7. Look, Matt might be somewhat slow on the uptake in TTT, but I'll take him over Jack just not giving a fuck 9 out of 10 rounds, or Trevor not being able to take rdming after he spends multiple rounds doing it to other people.

  8. Michael going from the single facepalm to the double facepalm while ryan tried to explain himself was absolutely hilarious.

  9. The Jeremy edit was great and the whole video was very funny, i love when they use facecams for this game mode.

  10. Funny Moments!
    4:40 (Reflex Kill!) // 9:20 (Angry Po!) // 18:22 (Home Run Gavin!) // 19:40 (Hypno-Gav!) // 22:11 (I'm an Idiot!) // 24:54 (Lucky Shot!) & 25:43 (Unfortunate Partner!)

  11. 25:12 I think Gavin is so used to checking his left to see Michael's reactions that he did it on instinct without really meaning to lol


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