The Top 50 N64 Games … In 10 Minutes

The Top 50 N64 Games According to Metacritic … in 10 Minutes

See the complete list here:

It’s been a while since I touched the N64. Which of these will make it into the upcoming N64 Classic?

This is a change from my usual “100 Games” format – simply because there aren’t just enough games in the N64 library to really feature a “Top 100” without putting some questionable titles on the list.

Metacritic is quite often contentious, but looking at the selection here, it does seem to be reasonably representative of the N64 library – more so than say the GameCube version.

(And yes: I am aware that “Gato” means “cat”, not dog. I was trying to be funny)


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42 thoughts on “The Top 50 N64 Games … In 10 Minutes”

  1. Estoy buscando el nombre de un vídeo juego solo recuerdo q era un ratoncillo con los hojos rojos y q se metió dentro de un gato y tenía q salir porfa si alguien sabe o si es del super Nintendo??

  2. Metacritic has some weird ratings, haha. I agreed with some, but many should have been way higher! My favs were Perfect Dark, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Zelda OOT, DK64, Mario 64, 007 (Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough- which I think was actually better than Goldeneye), Diddy Kong Racing, Rainbow Six, Mario Party. Friday nights after school was game night! My friends and cousins would come over and we'd play all night! Fun times 🙂

  3. controllers lame.emulators lame.Has many good games but unstable many things.U can play Psx games on your pc and phone.Sorry n64 i love u but you are so lame.

  4. Back in the time of the 64, a friend told me that you can see vela's panties in jet force jemminy, lol, i never tried that because i didnt belive him

  5. Both Mario Party and Super Smash Bros were so crazy underrated. It's like the reviewers didn't have friends or something.

  6. While i hate the N64 controller, i love those games, specially F-Zero X. It's one of my favorite racing games ever.

  7. Muh n64 only have 300 games
    muh playstation have more games
    more games more better
    n64 bad cuz not more games

  8. I never liked pokemon stadium.
    It was what pokemon silver would have been had the exploration and rpg parts been removed, but the battles remained and somehow became even slower.

  9. Not really one of my favourite consoles but did have some great games f zero and mario 64 being my 2 favourites


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