The Most Powerful Tiny Raspberry Pi Handheld ?

1up Pi Series from Ali-Express can be one of the most expensive and good looking Retro Emulation Handhelds to get ?

Where to find ?
1up Mini Pi Handheld –

1up Game Boy 3.5inch Handheld:

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40 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Tiny Raspberry Pi Handheld ?”

  1. Can you help me out here please,I don't no what to buy,do I buy a Pandora's box,? Or do I buy a raspberry pie,as I don't no what to buy,help please

  2. Thanks for warning me about this I like the look and size but having a bad dpad would drive me crazy and for the price I want a smoother screen at 60hrz

  3. That screen is pretty bad. Either frame skip is on, or it's refreshing at 30fps. It looks choppy just like you said. For that price, I would expect a better screen.

  4. Banana Pi Open source single board computer , smart router , IoT and STEAM education:

  5. i want to play Snapdragon 865 retro Handheld. support 2k support PS2&wii &3ds, support 512GB+512GB two mirco sd card,all on one XD

  6. looks pretty good for what it is but what I am waiting for is the raspberry pi compute module 4 devices to come out

  7. can any1 tell me whats an eps screen, been googling it and nothing comes up. its definitely not 60fps.

  8. why are companys still producing tiny little game boy esque hand helds theyre way to tiny for adult hands

  9. Can you please make a list of the games that you play in the video especially the MAMEs because I'm new to MAME.

  10. The thing that never made sense in Altered Beast is that guy appears and raises the hero from the dead to save his daughter then vanishes. couldn't he just appear where his daughter is, kill anyone who gets in his way then disappear with his daughter?.. lol

  11. Again, with the money I saved NOT buying this unit, I can purchase another RG350 in a different color. Thanks again Wicked. Great video.


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