The Game (2/9) Movie CLIP – The Game Begins (1997) HD

The Game movie clips:

Nicholas (Michael Douglas) finds out that the game has begun when the news broadcaster on television starts talking back to him.

Director David Fincher followed the success of his dark and atmospheric crime thriller Seven (1995) with another exercise in stylish film noir, this time lifting the pallid atmosphere a notch to indulge in a fast-paced trip through the cinematic funhouse. Michael Douglas plays Nicholas Van Orton, a Scrooge-like San Francisco investment banker following in his father’s Scrooge-like footsteps. On Nicholas’s 48th birthday (the age at which his father committed suicide), his younger, free-spirited brother Conrad (Sean Penn) blows into town and gives Nicholas a special gift for “the man who has everything” — a ticket to CRS (Consumer Recreation Services), a company that constructs games custom-fit for each participant to provide, as CRS salesman Jim Feingold (James Rebhorn) cryptically puts it, “whatever is lacking.” Nicholas’s secure life begins a downhill slide as CRS masterminds a series of elaborate pranks, harmless at first, that quickly become malicious and life-threatening. Stripped of financial resources and convinced that he can trust no one, Nicholas begins to wonder if CRS is a front for a more covert operation, and if the game is in fact an attempt to steal his fortune and leave him for dead. Determined to fight back alone, Nicholas infiltrates CRS in order to “pull back the curtain and meet the wizard.”

TM & © Universal (1997)
Cast: Michael Douglas, Daniel Schorr, Carroll Baker
Director: David Fincher
Producers: John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, Steve Golin, Jonathan Mostow, Ceán Chaffin
Screenwriters: John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris

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49 thoughts on “The Game (2/9) Movie CLIP – The Game Begins (1997) HD”

  1. "Don't call asking what the object of the game is; figuring that out is the object of the game."

    Sounds like some esoteric truth.

  2. This is now readily achievable by anyone with a personal computer using freely available deepfake facial/voice AI tools. Technology has come a long way.

  3. I saw this in the theater. I remember thinking, as people left there talking about how great it was…that I didn't think it was that great of an idea/movie… …or that it had seemed to be unoriginal…lol

  4. When they got out of ambulance at the hospital, and Christine was walking through the parking lot to the elevator, she asked" Where y'all go, ,fratboys?"…… Does anyone know why she said that?

  5. знаешь, Николас…. я, когда в детстве, глядя на вот такие вот фильмы, – шедевры Голливуда….. я верил, что мечты могут стать реальностью. я тебя очень уважаю, честно. как бизнесмена и социопата, осознающего свою социопатию. но речь не о том…. ты себе даже представить не можишь на что способна человеческая воля и интеллект. возможна не то что Игра…. Матрица…..

  6. God I love this movie.

    It’s so first class. From the storyline to production. And Michael Douglas is such an amazing actor. Totally appropriate for this role. He is the epitome of an elite San Franciscan conservative – from a time before ultra progressives took over the city.

  7. The Game.

    Can you figure out the point of this short lived life before it's too late and your time is up?

    In a World where you keep Nothing, Money and Power mean Nothing.

    That is your Game.

    Welcome to it.


  8. Just like to 1408’s fridge bit, this here scene manages to be simultaneously eerie and chucklesome, making it all the more indelible.

  9. Decent movie with the most ridiculous ending imaginable.
    Nick could have been easily killed from his jump off the building but instead, he lands squarely on the bullseye 40 stories below? Come on! How could they possibly predict he would jump from that exact spot and why would they risk his life in that manner? What if he had jumped 20 feet to the right or left and missed the inflated bag altogether and crashed onto the floor among the party guests? Ooops. Chances of coming away scratch free for anyone other than a highly trained stuntman are about 1000 to 1.

    I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to what many critics of the film are calling the improbability of being able to predict Nick's every move throughout the film. My guess is that CRS has contingency plans in place in the event that he did not follow the direction in which they were leading him. Who knows……maybe he did stray from the intended path occasionally and what took place was plan B or plan C.
    Okay, It's a movie and I can let those plot holes go but that ending was so insanely bad, it detracted from what had been a rather enjoyable hour and fifty minutes.

  10. This scene is such a product of its time it's quaint. When video chat on a television was world breaking technology

  11. This is a movie about targeted individuals, which are very real. I have been implanted, without my knowledge or consent, with at least 4 different kinds of nano, micro, and bio tech all designed to human traffick me. I know who gave the order to have me implanted and have had evidence of some of the crimes they have committed against me. But they are able to arrange things sufficiently through the legislative and judiciary branches that I cannot get justice. What is happening is that the multinational corporations have gotten so big that they have started to behave like nations and are warring with each other, through us, being their "child soldiers" all chipped up with nano, micro, and bio tech. It's a civil war in the U.S. right now. Actually, the U.S. does not exist anymore this technology used by the CEOs and executive boards of transnationals having cut our government and leaders off at the knees a long time ago.

  12. When psychosis becomes manipulation

    Do not try to reduce this film to only one meaning.
    It is obviously a film centered on the relationship between an elder son and his father when the father commits suicide in front of the child’s eyes when he is 48 and the child is about six or eight. The case is made more complex with the fact that there is a younger son who the elder son took care of as his brother, which is natural, but in a way oppressive in the absence of the father. […]

  13. great point that its so creepy for a movie with no gore, gore is unoriginal, this is great and goes deep into the psyche

  14. This movie will leave you thinking…..hmmm….and thinking……just how much do "they"  know….and how much will "they" use against you….ok….it's just a movie, but my own opinion….ALOT of "GAMES" have been played on ppl…..hmmmm….

  15. Unfortunately, the editing here eliminated the event, Orton's sneeze, that 'Schorr' referred to.


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