The civil-war Bioshock game we'll never get to play… the real Bioshock Infinite

Taking a look back at the VERY early beta gameplay of Bioshock Infinite, which showed an extremely different game that was open world and all your actions had consequences. This is the game we were supposed to get, but the last-gen consoles couldn’t handle it.

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37 thoughts on “The civil-war Bioshock game we'll never get to play… the real Bioshock Infinite”

  1. The bioshock infinite beta is much better than the final product.
    Beta was horrifying.
    The Columbia citizens were more aggressive.
    It was a civil war.
    The final product was a FPS corroder shooter.
    You couldn't even free roam.

  2. If they could've made a longer game like they originally wanted, then I would feel like it would've blended the demo and final elements much better. I actually like that in the final game we get to explore and play in the city before the civil war started, but if they could do a longer game, then they can have both. We play like normal before the war, then the middle or end of the game we get to get to see the war go into full swing.
    I actually like the change to a religious theme in the final over just a policitcal theme in the demo tho.

  3. While I'm super satisfied with the final version we got. The concept from the demo would have been great to have. The atmosphere, the mechanics and the open world is a lot stronger in this one. They really should've skipped last gen on the game and waited for a console that can properly handle the game that they originally envisioned. But I guess the game was already hemorrhaging too much money for 2k so they rushed it out and cut as much as possible to make it still work with consoles of that generation.

  4. I can't play infinite anymore with out seeing evidence that they wanted it to be soo much more. Really wish we would've gotten this one

  5. Infinite was cool but the story was confusing as hell and left me wanting more gameplay wise and explanation wise by the end.

  6. I understand what you're saying and hell I would love to play this game, but for me, I think Infinite was perfect the way we got it, I couldn't have asked for more, it's one of my favorite games of all time.

  7. This game apparently was meant to be open world like the first Bioshock when you save right after the boss in the game and you can do whatever you want.

  8. I would give anything to see this version of Columbia. Infinite was a great game. But it hurts me deeply every time I am reminded of what it could have been.

  9. I don't think BioShock Infinite was ever intended to have a huge open world. Back in 2011, Ken Levine mentioned that the game would have huge open levels that serve as smaller open worlds similar to what we've seen in Metro Exodus. He said that the whole e3 2011 demo was just the third level in that build. But still, I really hoped that most of these ideas were kept in the game.

  10. Yeah I remember the trailer showing this and then when the final product came out i was wondering wtf happened. It looks amazing.

  11. Seeing how this game revolves around the Multiverse and Dimension hopping, in another universe they have this damn version of the game while lamenting the one we have they'll never have.

  12. i'm not saying the original idea of bioshock infinite didn't have potential…and didn't look good…but i think people fail to grasp that what Bioshock Infinite BECAME instead was still amazing…especially if you include the burial at sea DLC.
    Bioshock infinite was a prequel to Bioshock 1 and 2…not a sequel…as anyone who played Burial at Sea knows. the only people who really hate BI are people who cant grasp the complexity of it; an alternate world that reflected the world of Rapture…they were like two sides of a coin. both extremes in their own way…and yet neither would have existed without the other…especially Columbia…who ACTUALLY TOOK technology from Rapture..and made it their own; Plasmids > Vigors / Big Daddy > Songbird.
    Rosalind Lutece, is probably one of the most fascinating characters in ANY game EVER "when i was a girl i had a dream about standing in a room looking at a girl who was, and was not, myself, who also stood staring at another girl who was, and was not, myself. My mother took this for a nightmare..i saw it as the beginning of a career in physics."
    For those who don't understand what Lutece meant by this…she essentially had a dream that helped her to learn how to bypass the laws of gravity, she enabled a city to fly.
    and of course her line "the only thing that stops us from achieving our dreams is ourself; those who lack the will to succeed never will…those who believe they can…will achieve anything…thus is the law of the universe."
    i understand that people wanted a specific SOMETHING from BI but when you play a Beta of any game…you should never expect the main game to turn out identical. IMO how BI turned out was perfectly fine. the religious aspect and zealous fascist society of Columbia is not FORCED into the game like some SJW thing (cough MK 11 cough). plenty of people agree that the entire Bioshock trilogy is on fact one of the BEST examples of how politics and religion FLOWS in the game without feeling feels like it belongs and makes sense with the plot and setting of the game. Columbia is a fascist society where white are elite and ethnic minority are inferior by sheer definition of skin colour. Rapture on the other hand is an equal society where the majority of ethnic groups are equal treated fairly however the stability of their city is questionable due to this.

  13. I remember watching this footage over and over and how incredibly disappointed at the linear garbage game we got with a lazy ending and it's attempt at connecting it was the first bioshock was lame. My least favorite bioshock game. People say 2 was bad but it's superior in almost every way.

  14. Great video! I agree, final version was too common.
    P.S.: Red flags are flags of communists. I just love how today being a communist is something good. Concentration camps more than humble austrian painter had in Germany? "BuT tHe IdEa Is GoOd". No way this is normal.


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