Successful Emergency Landings #1 | Besiege

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45 thoughts on “Successful Emergency Landings #1 | Besiege”

  1. Hey guys! This topic has been highly requested so here you go. Let me know what you think. I would appreciate some feedback on this because I am not really sure what exactly constitutes a succesful emergency landing. Does the aircraft need to be damaged or not. How hard can be landing be before it's a failed landing? So some feedback on this would be awesome.

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  2. I amazed at how you control the 727. I appreciate your landing skills so add the 727 in the following videos ok?

  3. the rocket: yets a part of the roof off

    the plane: looks like its time for a emergency land mode *turns on V.T.O.L mode *

  4. Hi Big Math is I just want to say that your boeing 727/200 has so much lag on my pc here are my specs:

    Cpu: core i7 9th gen
    Gpu: 1660ti
    Ram: 64 Gig of ram
    Storage: 2x 8T hard drive

    But your other mods are fine
    Sorry for my bad english😅

  5. Honestly watching vehicles in this game getting destroyed is satisfying but watching them get almost obliterated yet still able to have a relatively smooth landing is more satisfying


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