Stay Tooned! (Complete)

Dry Commentary – Game Audio Audible – No Facecam

Upload schedule & notes @

86box setup cheat sheet:

Stay Tooned! website archive:

Whale Wars:

Gahan Wilson’s The Ultimate Haunted House playlist:

Best I can tell, Stay Tooned! is abandonware. Still, would appreciate not being asked for download links.

No, I’m not sure why I implied websites have only recently become garish, like I forgot MySpace and AngelFire existed.


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11 thoughts on “Stay Tooned! (Complete)”

  1. I hadn't played this since i was 5 god I had been searching this for years haha soo glad I have 🤣🤣

  2. I found Fiddle and Katrina together cute. Also, I gotta admit, that ending kinda makes it out like its a horror. XD

  3. Considering last time I played this was when I was like 8 I'm really surprised how much I remember. Thanks for recording this its been a massive nostalgia trip. It's pretty obvious that you were starting to lose your patience with the games bs towards the end though. Don't Blame you though I remember the game fondly I recognize I wouldn't enjoy actually playing it now.

  4. I am good at putting ikea furniture together because of doing the puzzle at 1.35 over and over again as a small child

  5. this game is lodged deep, deep into my memory – to the point that elements of stay tooned appear in my dreams…

  6. 1:21:26 I'm pretty certain Blizzard Studio was separate until Activision acquired it and formed Activision-Blizzard. And Davidson & Associates was acquired by Knowledge Adventure

  7. I played so much of the demo that only had the kitchen (and I think the toonvision room for some reason?).


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