Shrek 2 (PC Game) – Part 4

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This game is developed by KnowWonder for younger audiences using Unreal Engine 2. There’s also a PC port of the original console release under the title Shrek 2: Team Action which was developed by Beenox.

Shrek 2’s storyline follows a similar, but slightly different plot compared to that of the movie. Shrek and Fiona are on a journey to the Kingdom of Far Far Away to visit Fiona’s parents. Shrek’s in-laws aren’t too thrilled that a crude ogre is married to their beloved daughter, so the battle for acceptance ensues. The game also covers things not shown in the film. Plot elements are delivered primarily through a storybook interface (text and illustrations) shown before each level.

Game Credits:

Michael Lankerovich Senior Engineer
Eduardo Franz Art
Jeff Lander Engine/Technology
Yukari Kaneko Art
Andrew Brinkworth Character Art & Animation Lead
Adrian Stephens Engine/Technology
Johan Kohler Engine/Technology
Brian Tuey Design/Audio
Matt Intrieri Art
Stephen Hoogendyk Animation
Mark Moseley Voice – Donkey
Mel Fair Voice – Magic Mirror
James Short Programming
James Gooding Programming
Matt Whiting Programming Lead
Joby Otero Art Direction/Project Lead
Adam Yeager Art
Khang Pham Art
Yaw Chang Art
Shawn Foreman Art
Chris Larsen Art
John Miller Art
William Huang Art
Lia Tjiong Art
Shawn Shain Art
Gerald Vera Design Lead
Christian G. Senn Design
Saji Amon Johnson Design
Justin Rasch Animation Lead
Craig Harris Animation
Haissam Badawi Animation
Michael McReynolds Animation
Andre Sagliuzzo Voice – Puss In Boots
Chris Knights Voice – Three Blind Mice
Cody Cameron Voice – Three Little Pigs
Aron Warner Voice – Big Bad Wolf
Chad Verrall Cut Scene Designer
Elizabeth Walkey Designer & Senior Producer
Melanie Locher Development Manager
David Lawson Technical Lead
Jamie Burton Art & Animation
Nathan Hocken Art & Animation
Tony Ravo Art & Animation
Lynne Startup Art & Animation
Hayden Wilkinson Level Designers
Amanda Rubright Lead Level Designer
Carl-Henrik Skarstedt Programming
Claudia Christian Voice – Fairy Godmother
Tara Strong Voice – Lil’ Red, Fairy
Michael Gough Voice – Shrek, King Harold
Vanessa Marshall Voice – Wicked Witch
James Arnold Taylor Voice – Gingerbread Man, Prince Charming
Holly Fields Voice – Princess Fiona
Peter King Lead Artist
Vanessa Marshall Voice – Wicked Witch
Michael Gough Voice – Shrek, King Harold
Holly Fields Voice – Princess Fiona
Tara Strong Voice – Lil’ Red, Fairy
James Arnold Taylor Voice – Gingerbread Man, Prince Charming
Claudia Christian Voice – Fairy Godmother
Peter King Lead Artist
Mark Yeend Music
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46 thoughts on “Shrek 2 (PC Game) – Part 4”

  1. I remember swinging cones or something that looked like clowns, but in this video there's no such a thing

  2. I am so sad that know wonder is no longer a company. They made the best harry potter games…. the other ones sucks and they also made this game that i played as a child…. so sad… PS: This part in this game was the hardest! I remember i was always dying.

  3. I played this game when on summer vacation, it just crazy hot outside.
    So I put my AC on, grab a cola and playing this game.

  4. Oh, this level is so epic: you are able to try all characters there taking the part in escape operation. And so many possibilities to die the worst way trying to solve many puzzles.

  5. I know Its a REALLYYYYYYY late comment, but Why the hell do you go trough all the explozive boxes? Ik you wanna get the coins but… Cmon!


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