[SFM FNAF] FNaF 2 | Counter Jumpscares

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Counter Jumpscares (SFM FNAF)

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Counter Jumpscares:

Animation & visuals by MrBreino:

This video entails the animated story of the five nights at freddy’s 2 counter jumpscares. Drafted from the original FNAF 2 game and with added creative enticement, this video delivers a thrilling experience inspired by Nikson’s video which is sure to give you a good scare!

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Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Belongs to Scott Cawthon.

Nguồn: https://focuscampus.org/

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35 thoughts on “[SFM FNAF] FNaF 2 | Counter Jumpscares”

  1. i understand why u gave mangle a bone mangle has the soul of a dog in it and dogs eat bones so give mangle a bone smart move

  2. 2:11
    경비원: 어저게 뭐징?
    맹글: 어…뭐야…왜 가까이와…
    경비원: 귀여운 늑대네…
    경비워:자이거 먹어
    맹글:착한애 였네 아싸 개이득

  3. nightguard: touches withered freddy's nose and puts freddy mask on toy freddy
    withered freddy and toy freddy: VIRUS HAS DETECTED A WINDOWS

  4. Withered Freddy: 0:09
    Withered Bonnie: 0:25
    Withered chica: 0:55
    Withered Foxy: 1:12
    Toy Freddy: 1:32
    Toy Bonnie & Toy Chica: 1:44
    Mangle: 2:04
    THE PUPPET : 2:25
    Withered golden Freddy: 2:47

  5. Night guard: my nose is so stuffy UM toy Bonnie and toy chica:DIE. Night guard:Ho no Throws toilet paper Chica: get out of my way I don’t wanna get coronavirus toy Bonnie give me No


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