ROX vs SKT Series Highlights Worlds 2016 Semi Finals ROX Tigers vs SK Telecom T1

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42 thoughts on “ROX vs SKT Series Highlights Worlds 2016 Semi Finals ROX Tigers vs SK Telecom T1”

  1. Its 2020, still the best series of all time. It had everything, the quality, the surprise pocket picks, clutch outplays, and arguably one of the greatest rivalry in league history.

  2. The last worlds championship of SKT.
    If you've observed their coach decision.
    Game 1 won with Bengi.
    Game 2 losed with Blank.
    Game 3 losed with Blank.
    Game 4 and 5 won with Bengi.

    But still Duke and Bengi was never appreciated.
    Stupid Kkoma

  3. What a great series! I had watched them live, watched them couple more times again on youtube, and watched this highlight video for like a dozen times just to get the feelings again. This highlight video is no where close to describe the real intense and exciting this semifinal was. I am sorry to say this, but compare to this one, the second semi was pretty shitty to watch.

  4. why Rox pick Olaf on game 4 SKT won Cause Vision was well fought by both team but Rox lost bits by bits of gold to mid Game 🙁

  5. "League of Legends is a simple game. Ten men chase a nexus for almost 60 minutes and at the end, SKT1 always win."

  6. que feo que los viole un bengi que en todo el año solo habia jugado como 6 juegos :v se la dio el cabron

  7. highlights made by this channel are very bad they only show the kills. the trundle pushing towers in game 1, Ashe arrow are missed in the highlights and they just simply add all highlights videos to this without cutting stupid annoying opening oniva between each game. league of legend is not a game of killing someone.

  8. I do encourage you all to watch the full match, this series for far is the best i've ever seen in LOL. Loved it!

  9. All these Bronze fcks don't know the real beauty in well-structured game of these two best teams lol SKT plays slow boring game? ROX is just that hard to crack. Just shut up if you don't know the game. Shit NA style of 30 kill games got you nowhere

  10. Onivia you said "Highlights" So can you put highlights and not just kills and objectives. You missed an amazing Ashe arrow.

  11. 28:27 hoolie fuck, this is the guy who's lee sin used to get dissed all throughout his career. PogChamp!!

    30:01 based Bengi!!


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