ROX vs KT, Game 5 – LCK Summer 2016 Finals – ROX Tigers vs KT Rolster

ROX vs KT, Game 5 – LCK Summer 2016 Finals – ROX Tigers vs KT Rolster – lolesports

Game Start: 7:15
Interview: 51:54

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48 thoughts on “ROX vs KT, Game 5 – LCK Summer 2016 Finals – ROX Tigers vs KT Rolster”

  1. Score mis smiting changed history forever. Imagine if KT went to worlds, imagine if SKT didnt make it as 3rd seed or SSG.

  2. After the tough loss for KT I just had to come back to this which actually makes what just happened last night look not that bad lol.

  3. Although the 2hp is pretty troll and heartbreaking, I'm pretty sure they were going to lose that game either way, because they got to the point in the game where Rox's comp was much stronger.

  4. I think Score can  wait 0.5 sec more to use that smite because GP ult is not that painful to baron and there is just Pray near the baron pit so yeah.

  5. My god the casting on this is so fucking good . what the hell. Ty OGN, Monte, Doa, Papa and Achilios, you guys are 10/10 🙂

  6. First time to watch this stuff I thought it was dumb lol. Is it just Koreans or are they ever gonna go against NA?

  7. I am just gonna say, SMEB deff saved their asses on game 5. Not only the baron steal, but he was on fire with just the output and really making plays when peanut was fucking up!

  8. lulz nobody cares to point out that Score's smite was actually perfectly stupid…. you can't get much closer than 2hp but why try for the perfect smite when enemy jungler's dead? The smart move was to actually secure it through overkill cuz there wasn't any threat of a comparable source of damage to his smite. FIFY

  9. I cried a little. My second favorite team just won their first championship and made sure that both my favorite teams go to worlds. Seeing these guys when they won was so amazing.

  10. Well deserved..sweet victory & full of emotions congrats rox tigers your truly are amazing team..inspiring to some other teams

  11. As much as I'm happy for ROX Tigers, I feel for KT. I also think that tigers should be grateful to KT for beating SKT in the semis. I have a feeling that if it was another SKT vs ROX finals, ROX will be stuck as the forever second place squad, lol


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