Riven Tips & Tricks [Pro Analysis]

Riven Analysis, Tips, and Guide

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36 thoughts on “Riven Tips & Tricks [Pro Analysis]”

  1. Just remember one thing, as long as u are canceling, you are faster. Speed, comes. The important thing is to get the technique right.
    And also a tip to face Riven, always remember when she use her first Q, not her last Q like Aatrox.

  2. Man, ive just seen ur video and u just understand perfectly well and explain in a 10 min video what i learnd in maining riven for 2 years that's amazing keep going !

  3. I've played about 6 games on riven and I can't do that auto cancel I practiced for like an hour in training too. Idk my brain just moves too slow to click so many different things

  4. knew this all except for the blastcone part hahaha but this video is still very helpful to those who want to play Riven

    can I share this?

  5. This channel is way too underrated. You should do one on Rengar as well, as he has a lot to him. Keep up the good work ^^

  6. I remember facing against riven 700k mp with Guardian runes…she rxpe me in lane…tho I just started playing league not too long ago but still…

  7. I have Dawnbringer Riven from a chest but I lack hands… it'time to train hahaha this video makes it seems really easy

  8. you kinda forgot to point out that the doublecast combo can be done if the shield is still active otherwise you cant simultaneously wq. Just a tip for those who are new to doublecast.

    Edit: that e-auto-r-q can surprise a lot of players as almost all riven mains use e-r(when engaging),r-q(getting engaged) and r-w(also getting engaged)at the starting of their combos.

  9. haven't play riven for a while. because ithought this s10 she's useless now. Idon't think the buff for her in the next patch is useful because they nerfed the conq and death's dance.


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