Rise of the Tomb Raider: ( Crack/ Patch/ Fix ) Tutorial. CPY CRACK.

Everything You Need to Know, any common errors, bugs or crashes. This video is your solution.
ROTTR Repack:
ROTTR Crack only:
ROTTR Patch & Crack:

You can find here the solution to almost all common errors and bugs like “black screen” after starting the game and getting an error when using the crack which says “Steam is offline, open steam and change it to online…..”
In case you encountered any problem, do not hesitate to contact me and i’ll help as much as i can.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Version 1.0.668.1
ROTTR patch 1.0.668 included
If you reached this far, hello!

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33 thoughts on “Rise of the Tomb Raider: ( Crack/ Patch/ Fix ) Tutorial. CPY CRACK.”

  1. Well, this fix didn't do anything to help me. I never get passed the menu thing at 1:53. As soon as I hit play, it closes the program and doesn't go anywhere. Got any more tricks to fix it?

  2. I followed the process i cant enter to the game now. I replaced the files with the files you said then i cant play it now..help

  3. thank you so much For the patch Folder ; If you can help me i need the patch Folder For this game ( Watch_Dogs 2 )
    Look to be exact i need the EXE File For this Game Deleted "By accident" Thank you 🙂

  4. holy god, my game is not working, i try all type of thing but it not open, just because i didn't copy CRACK

  5. does it fix the "MISC" Error where it needs space (2gb) but i still have free space of (91gb)??


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