Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 – New Release

What’s new in Revo Uninstaller Pro 4
Added – New Module – Windows Apps Manager to uninstall Windows Apps
Added – New Module – Browser Extensions to remove popular browsers’ extensions
Added – New Module – History Cleaner – combining Windows Cleaner , Office Cleaner, Browsers Cleaner
Added – Command “Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Pro” on context menu of shortcuts
Added – New more reliable RegistrationActivation algorithm of the program based on time update subscription
Added – Possibility to deactivate license and transfer it to another computer
Added – New default visual theme
Updated existing Visual Themes
Improved – User Interface for faster and easier access to all the functionality of Revo Uninstaller Pro
Improved high DPI support
Show trial reminder screen on close of Revo Uninstaller Pro during Trial period
Improved – Many minor and user interface improvements and optimizations
Windows XP is no longer supported operating system

Uninstaller – All Programs
Added – Back button to the Uninstall Wizard
Added – Possibility to continue the uninstall of a program if it had been interrupted by a computer restart
Improved – Quick Uninstall supports silent uninstall of the built-in uninstaller where applicable
Improved – Logs matching during uninstall
Improved – Automatic refresh of installed programs to get more accurate data immediately
Improved – Scanning for leftovers algorithms

Uninstaller – Traced Programs
Added – option to Exclude files and folders from the tracing process
Added – possibility to merge logs

AutoRun Manager
Added – “Search” filed to search through listed items
Added – Listing and manage of Windows Tasks
Added – “Refresh” command

Junk files Cleaner
Added – Include list that list the content of included folders as junk

History Cleaner
Improved – Browser Cleaner shows only installed browsers

Windows Tools
Added – Disk Cleanup Windows tool
Added – Resource Monitor Windows tool

Evidence Remover
Added – PauseResume button
Added – Possibility to be minimized while working

Unrecoverable Delete
Added – PauseResume button
Added – Possibility to be minimized while working
Added – option to clear single item from the list


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4 thoughts on “Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 – New Release”

  1. Make it dig through any and all installed browsers to find and expose all extensions and add-ons – both benign and malignant; and allow the user to uninstall them completely too. I'm impressed with what it does so far, but even if it took longer to dig deep, I would not mind it being more aggressive as a tool for exposing malware and spyware.

  2. Why is the new version available as subscription period software only. I paid full price for the older versions and love them, but I'll always have them without paying more for them. Does anyone have an answer for this?


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