RARE Full-Motion Retro Arcade Game! | Power Drift

Today on Free Play’s Game of the Week, we showcase a game that can NEVER make it to the arcade floor. This week, we’re playing a FULL-MOTION Power Drift! Potentially one of only around 30 made, this might be among the rarest games in our entire collection. It isn’t in the greatest shape, but we had to catalogue this incredible game before it moves on to a home that can take care of it the way it deserves. But don’t worry – look out for the standard version of Power Drift on the Free Play floor, coming soon!

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9 thoughts on “RARE Full-Motion Retro Arcade Game! | Power Drift”

  1. To be fair, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving, so they probably didn’t design the cabinet to be drunk-proof

  2. Great machine they have this at arcade club uk with after burner deluxe cab out run & space harrier & thunder blade all full movement cabs & a bar & restaurant ! really can't beat these machines

  3. Whatever. Seen it run in so many arcades with sodas and 8 year old kids. You guys are making excuses…Just sell it for the $$$ because that's what this is, an advertisement.


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