PS1 Testing on the 1up Raspberry Pi Retro Handheld

1up Brand from @AliExpress Official Channel with a raspberry pi build in.
Best way to play your old retro games on the go with this ULTIMATE handheld ?

Main Review:

Where to buy ?

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23 thoughts on “PS1 Testing on the 1up Raspberry Pi Retro Handheld”

  1. Those speakers are too high and tinny but screen is good ,headphones needed for nightime undercover playing

  2. The benefit of this setup is strictly based on no fuss images that you can burn on your sd cards like what ransom and darish zone make. That’s why I’ll always choose a pi handheld over something with android, windows, or opendingus. Too much of a fuss. In fact I sold my win 2 due to how uncomfortable it is to play, awful battery life, and the kinks of Windows.

  3. I have buyed the same, but I don't have sound in the handheld mode and the TV mode is flickkering, can you help me with the sound settings?

  4. This aslo looks amazing… I love how we can have so many games in a handheld now, and what looks like very good quality for a low price. Still waiting on my RG350 to arrive. Just hope i purchased the right unit

  5. Looks cool Wicked but the screen looks too small for me. I've purchased the RG350, can't wait for some handheld retro fun! 😁. Peace Wicked family ✌️

  6. I wanted to watch the whole video but the audio is so hard on the ears! Turn the bloody console down. 😐


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