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27 thoughts on “PRO RIVEN vs NOOB RIVEN”

  1. Quite accurately, you show the differences between misplay and correct play very well. However, I don't suggest putting words such as "noobs" because it feels disrespecting others.

  2. it is the best song ever i love your videos
    i love it
    all the hateres back off of him please back offof him u havt to see this

  3. I'm not sure if that riven at 2:30 pathed that way or if that was the most tragic case of minion block I've ever seen lmao

  4. 1:23 is just a patching bug. Happens sometimes that riven decides to just troll and go the other direction. So not noob clip

  5. “High elo tv”

    Can’t tell the difference between a bad play and a shitty game issue. Several of the noob plays were just problems with the game itself


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