Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 12 – 'Charlotte's Web' Reaction

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 12 – ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Reaction


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28 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 12 – 'Charlotte's Web' Reaction”

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  2. the worst thing about this show is what they do to emily. they give her crappy girlfirens, they disabandon any good friendships she has, and they cut short any decent scene of hers :/ she was potentially the best character :/

  3. Yesss you ship Spencer and Caleb! Lol I think they're cute and they work together well but the fandom in general seems to hate them together.

  4. The show got boring in the middle couple seasons with a few exceptions, but I feel the last season and a half after the time skip got pretty interesting, with just an episode or so of boring exception.

  5. im so happy you kind of ship spencer and caleb, like i remember when i started to ship them everyone was so against me 😂

  6. As a Haleb shipper since the beginning I was VERY upset about spaleb even if Hanna’s character writing began annoying me I still wanted Haleb … they’re just meant to be.

  7. When will you react to the final season of The OA?
    Despite cancelation, it's the best Season of television I've ever seen (even compared to ATLA, Breaking Bad, 24, Heroes season 1).
    You would be doing a disservice to yourself (and fans of the show) to not watch it just because it wasn't RENEWED (so far).
    Much love xx

  8. Yes Joe your like me I shipped Spaleb so much because it was different plus they work so well together, I know since you finished this season I hate what they did with them plus how quick it was 😤

  9. You made me remember how geeked I was back then when I realized what was happening between Spencer and Caleb 😂 They just made so much sense to me

  10. I actually like 6B and I actually ended up liking Spaleb more because I really don't like Hanna anymore.

  11. I remember shipping Spencer & Caleb
    at the end too. I love how quick you were to ship them. Wasn’t expecting it, but this is relatable asf. 😂

  12. All the ladies take a turn each episode with the iconic shhhh…

    Also, Ashley Benson was not happy when her character and Tyler Blackburn's character Caleb were not going to be together as a couple from the time jump.


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