Penny On M.A.R.S | Cast – Puppy Name Game 🐾 101 Dalmatian Street | Disney Channel UK

Nice try guys! 😂Check out this #PennyOnMars #Cast #Challenge where Olivia-Mai Barrett (Penny), Shannon Gaskin (Camilla), Jessica Alexander (Lucy), Sasha (Ryan Dean) and Finlay MacMillan (Sebastian) try to remember as many 101 Dalmatian Street Pups names as possible! Dylan… Dolly…Dorothy…? #101DalmatianStreet #DisneyChannelUK

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Penny on Mars

Super talented, aspiring singer Penny Mendez has left boarding school and is beyond excited to start her new life with her bestie Camilla at her dream school of M.A.R.S (Music Arts Reiner School) in Milan! 🎉Penny is looking forward to having a (relatively) normal life, as long as no one finds out her HUGE secret….she’s the daughter of super famous pop star Bakia! 😱Along with keeping his secret, Penny has some questions that need to be answered… Number 1 is, who is Penny’s Dad ❓Along the way Penny and Camilla meet some awesome people (and some not so nice ones!) including ‘Sebastian Dreamy Eyes’, but could he be the thing that tears this fab friendship apart?! 💔

The talented group LOVE to sing and dance at M.A.R.S! Songs like ‘We are Mars’, ‘So Sure’ and ‘Rain or Shine’ are defo some of the best songs EVER! 🎶

Who’s who

Penny Mendez (Olivia-Mai Barrett) is a super talented teenager who LOVES singing and writing music 🎶 She was named Pentachord when she was born (weird, we know) but the name might have something to do with her Dad…..Penny loves M.A.R.S and the people there, especially Sebastian 😍 Everything is going well for Penny, accept she is desperate to find out one thing….who her dad is! ❓

Camilla Young (Shannon Gaskin) is Penny’s very energetic best friend who is always happy and optimistic! ✨ Camilla’s Mum is Bakia’s assistant so she understands what Penny is going through and swears to keep Penny’s secret! Camilla like Penny, loves singing and dancing but at M.A.R.S she soon learns that her talent lies with acting! Penny and Camilla never argue, but what would happen if they fell in love with the same guy…?! 🤭

Sebastian Storm (Finlay MacMillan) is the dreamiest boy around 😍 His Dad used to be a pop star and now Sebastian has inherited his love for music as he brings his guitar everywhere with him 🎸He always puts other people first and has a super kind heart 💖 However, has caught the eye of both Penny AND Camilla – what a disaster!!

Lucy Carpenter (Jessica Alexander) is an extremely determined singer at M.A.R.S and always has to be best in the class! 🎤She’s intimidated by Penny’s talent (although she’d never admit it), which is why she’s mean to Penny to try and stop her talent growing above her own 😫She dreams of being a star and won’t let anyone get in her way….🌟

Sofia Hu (Olivia Chan) is caring and wise, giving advice to her friends and nicknaming herself ‘Doctor Heart’! 💖Even though she helps her friends with their troubles, she is totally confused about her own feelings (boy drama)! 😬

Sasha Lukin (Ryan Dean) is a super cool dancer and model student! 📚 He is a second-year student and enjoys being mean to the first year students (Penny and her friends)! He’s good friends with Lucy (of course) and they enjoy being mean together…

Bakia (Merissa Porter) is Penny’s pop star Mum who is LOVED all over the world! 🌟 She isn’t sure how to be a mother and is therefore distant from Penny… She does everything her manager Freddy tells her, even the most important decisions. Bakia has made the decision to not tell Penny who her Father is, but will that stop Penny ever finding out? ❓

Freddy Wolf (Ben Richards) is Bakia’s sneaky manager. 😡He made Bakia successful but through this she had to resent Penny on Freddy’s wishes… Penny blames Freddy for many of her misfortunes, is he really as innocent as he makes out to be?


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