NES Classic Knock Off Console // Cool Baby 600 in 1 – Rerez

Nintendo’s NES Classic has a fake, evil, bootleg clone called the Cool Baby Family Computer System!
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27 thoughts on “NES Classic Knock Off Console // Cool Baby 600 in 1 – Rerez”

  1. ….they made another one of these consoles so we made a video on it…
    Here it is:

  2. Rerez when i was just watching the video until i saw someone advertising a bootleg snes called Super Classic game consil 660 Models

  3. Yeah the first kamikaze mario you can get through the part but once you get through that you will be screwed

  4. For the kid Nikki rip off, you forgot to mention

    You cant stomp on anything

    Mario turns back into kid Nikki during some actions

  5. These ATROCITIES are so terrible, their terrific! If I had money to waste (which I don't have) I would definately buy this….

  6. I should make a game called:
    Adrian Gaming and the video games.

    Story: When video games came to life and the graphics and sounds are awesome! Then Nintendo and SEGA rises to US and EU to show what 8 bits looks like. A few years later, video games are getting better in 2000's! Then one day you see a bunch of random game consoles made a bunch of random people never revealed and kept making them. The graphics are the same from 8 bit, but the gameplay is awful… kids get these worst rip off consoles. they were known as a bootleg. And Adrian Gaming wasn't happy for it and it's up to Adrian to stop bootleggers from making clones!


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