[ MMD ♥ Undertale ] ♥ DETERMINATION ♥ ft. Djsmell and Lollia

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Super big thanks to those people who made this insane cover!!


This took hella 7 months to do?? Mostly because I had to focus on a lot of things like Egyptian Tails but still!! This was like damn okay I didn’t think I’d work on something this long LMAO.

So right now, I am taking a break from anything that has to do with Sans, Chara and fighting because I don’t think I can think of anything else for a fight animation LMAO.

As much as I enjoyed making this, I already kinda see all the flaws I have LMAO. I’m not so used to animating such a song that has a fast pace?? Heck I’m not used to animate fight scenes.

Also about the ending. It’s up to you who ended up dead 😉

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48 thoughts on “[ MMD ♥ Undertale ] ♥ DETERMINATION ♥ ft. Djsmell and Lollia”

  1. Please DO NOT USE this animation for fandubs / translations / compilations / AMVs.
    NO UTILICE esta animación para fandubs / translations / compilations / AMVs.
    请勿将此动画用于粉丝/翻译/汇编/ AMVs。
    ファンタブ/翻訳/編集/ AMVにはこのアニメーションを使用しないでください。
    Пожалуйста, НЕ ИСПОЛЬЗУЙТЕ эту анимацию для fandubs / translations / compilations / AMVs.
    fandubs / translations / compilations / AMVs에는이 애니메이션을 사용하지 마십시오.

  2. I wish toby watched this and be surprised xd if he watches this idk whhat he will do actually i dont really know what hes gonna do after he sees sans with papyrus's scarf


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