Massive Ultimate Cool Baby Raspberry Pi 5inch Handheld !!

Cool baby brings us the Raspberry Pi only very cheap Retro Gaming Handheld Systems. This is the Landscape model !

Where to find ?
Cool Baby GB Model –

Cool Baby Ladnscape model –

Store –

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22 thoughts on “Massive Ultimate Cool Baby Raspberry Pi 5inch Handheld !!”

  1. I just got mine in but I ordered the 64GB version and they sent me the 32GB version and how do you change the language to English as I can't read the game titles as they are in Japan or Chinese or something? Can you help?

  2. I was excited when I saw your review , however realty vs Advertisement is usually there ,

    I just received my coolboy order , below are the three issues:

    1. I ordered the 64 GB , however I received the 32 GB
    2. There is no sound at all , (TV HDMI and within the coolboy)
    3.most of the Games are either in Japanese or Chinese languages

    Any Idea how to solve number 2 and 3 issue please ?

  3. this one better then 1 up please please answer i want to buy 1up but i dont no.which one do you recommend??? please answer

  4. Hi heeft dit console de oude mortal kombat spellen en killer instinct arcade versies .bedankt bij voorbaat 👍

  5. Finally got mine, but it wont even boot up,and the seller stopped answering me, so guess Im pretty fucked.
    any ideas ???

  6. So love this system…. BUT !!!!!! I'm wondering should I wait for the Super Retro!!! What is the news on the SuperRetro.. Need to know!!! Thanks again!!!

  7. cuantos juegos y sistemas trae la consola me responderías muy pero muy rápido por fis bendiciones

  8. Try fitting that one in your pocket, and taking it with you when you go out, and I don't even want to know the price on it!


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