Marshall vs. Wichita State: the Thundering Herd pull off the upset

Watch the Game Highlights from Wichita State Shockers vs. Marshall Thundering Herd

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28 thoughts on “Marshall vs. Wichita State: the Thundering Herd pull off the upset”

  1. I think Jon Elmore would be great in the NBA. A team like the Lakers or Knicks that are very depleted at 3 would love him

  2. as a KU fan i enjoyed watching this..gets annoying having WSU fans mock KUs early losses..WSU is about to have a rough season next year…they lost A LOT

  3. The officiating at the end of this game was the worst I have ever seen. Every single call had to be reviewed, then one review delay was so long that they forgot which 10 players were in the game when it started, so had to go back and review that. The NFL replacement officials from a few years ago did a better job than this crew at this game.

  4. im the only one that has marshall going all the way they said they wouldnt make it out of the first round, i was right they were wrong

  5. Gotta love manly women announcers! Please go back to women’s sports. Men watch men’s sports for a reason! Stop ruining the very little we have left

  6. Hey Shockers! The lowly Missouri Valley Conference would like to offer their condolences. First round exit this year and pretty soon you'll just be a middle of the pack team in an overrated conference.

  7. The brackets are all about emotion, luck, and superstition. I've been preaching this since 'Melo won with syracuse (only bracket pool I ever won, because orange is my favorite color I picked them. Emotion.) If anyone ever gets the billion dollar bracket it will be emotion, not stats, analysists, or advice from "proffesional talking heads".


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