Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U) – Boxing All Characters Gameplay

Gameplay for the Boxing event with every character (including the guest character Zavok) in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for Wii U.

Below you can find the timestamps for every character. Please use them to skip to whatever character you’re looking for.

0:16 Mario
2:39 Luigi
4:47 Peach
7:32 Yoshi
9:30 Daisy
11:03 Wario
13:33 Waluigi
15:40 Bowser
18:09 Bowser Jr.
20:34 Donkey Kong
22:39 Sonic
25:43 Tails
28:33 Amy
30:29 Knuckles
32:32 Blaze
34:26 Shadow
36:05 Silver
38:32 Dr. Eggman
40:48 Metal Sonic
41:27 Vector
44:33 Mii
46:50 Zavok (Guest character) — How to unlock:

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50 thoughts on “Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U) – Boxing All Characters Gameplay”

  1. Hddetuikk



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  2. 1:21 golpaso
    de Mario y pich
    tonto mejor no te quiero
    Mario u pu*a
    #*#*#*!=!=/)/)&)/ Censurado
    Jajajajajaj XD
    Y todos😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
    Mejor vámonos al mierda 💩💩💩💩
    Y pich y Mario🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😠😠😤
    Después se enamoraron y
    Censurado namás se va a es cuchar y dicen,
    Aaaaaaaaah Mario y pich aaaaaaaaaaaah
    Después se casaron tobieron 12 hijos
    Los mataron y vivieron felices por siempre solo, se q no la van a leer
    Porque es muy largo na no es sierto sigue la historia
    Después pasiaron a Bob esponja y murieron
    Por invesiles idiotas y escrementos los violaron
    A los dos puto colorado este pinche historia
    Se a mamado ,,, bueno si piensan q son pros
    No son marranos sin ofender tontos fin
    Saben yo soy el pro pende###%$$//
    Todo bye wodo faquen 🌏🌀
    Like si no quieres que se distrilla la tierra

  3. 02:48 how noobs see glass joe
    01:38 how average plays see glass joe
    12:18 how pros see glass joe

  4. 29:42
    Nice hit, Amy! Sonic can't even get up! KnockOut!
    Amy: TAKE THIS!!!
    Sonic: AMY! NO! ARGH!

  5. Silver vs. Zavok

    Silver: Another enemy from the future?…
    Zavok: You’re nothing like that confounded hedgehog…
    Silver: Leave the Ex-Iblis Trigger out of this…

  6. Bowser vs. Vector

    Vector: You’re nothing special… or scary…
    Bowser: Getting a bit “crocky” aren’t you?
    Vector: sighs Stick to being a failing villain…

  7. Tails vs. Eggman

    Eggman: Now we’ll see who the better genius…
    Tails: It’s not all about IQ, Eggman…
    Eggman: And yet you have no idea…

  8. Silver vs. Victor

    Vector: Let’s just have some fun with this, ok?
    Silver: I can’t make any promises, Vector…
    Vector: So much for sympathy…

  9. Shadow vs. Wario

    Shadow: I won’t even need my chaos control to knock you down…
    Wario: Then, you wouldn’t mind if I eat some garlic?
    Shadow: Fine. It’ll be your last meal anyway…

  10. Blaze vs Metal Sonic

    Metal Sonic: Analyzing data…
    Blaze: A robot resembling Sonic?… Hmmm…
    Metal Sonic: Analysis Complete. Initiating Fight Stance.

  11. Knuckles vs Mario

    Knuckles: You seem pretty multi-skilled for a plumber…
    Mario: Yeah. I get that several times…
    Knuckles: Maybe you should be a ring announcer again…

  12. Amy vs Sonic

    Amy: Let's raise the stakes a bit, shall we?
    Sonic: I honestly know where this is gonna go…
    Amy: If I win, you have to kiss me. Simple?

  13. Tails vs Silver

    Tails: You do realize Telekinesis is prohibited in the ring, right?
    Silver: You've been hitting the books the whole time?
    Tails: Just a tip from "Not" a genius…

  14. Sonic vs Luigi

    Sonic: Best of Luck to ya, Luigi…
    Luigi: That's why I always wear green…
    Sonic: No seriously. You're gonna need it…

  15. Donkey Kong vs Amy

    DK: (Don't call it a comeback, Missy! I've been here for years…)
    Amy: Well, your strength outmatches your intelligence…
    DK: (Oh! Rumble, young ape, Rumble!)

  16. Bowser Jr. vs Bowser

    Bowser Jr.: I'm stronger than you, Dad…
    Bowser: You never give up, do you boy?
    Bowser Jr: Believe me. I can prove it.

  17. Bowser vs Zavok

    Zavok: Let's forget about fighting for medals…
    Bowser: Right… My throne for your lost planet?
    Zavok: And no interruptions from our adversaries…

  18. Waluigi vs. Shadow

    Waluigi: I'm onto you, Shadow. No funny "Chaos Control" business…
    Shadow: Hmph. Says the sneaky underhanded crony counterpart…
    Waluigi: You're lucky that Bob-Ombs are banned…

  19. Wario vs. Tails

    Wario: A cute little fox is no match for Wario…
    Tails: All that weight just for talking?
    Wario: One punch won't do you any good…

  20. Daisy vs. Wario

    Daisy: No way you can handle me, Wario…
    Wario: Oh, I can handle a princess just fine, heh heh heh…
    Daisy: (to herself) Stay focused, girl.

  21. Yoshi vs Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr.: Awww! A Cute little dinosaur in the ring…
    Yoshi: Yoshi! (Gulps)
    Bowser Jr.: Too bad, I have to knock you down…

  22. Luigi vs Peach

    Peach: You're sure you're ready, Luigi?
    Luigi: I won't hit you so hard, Princess…
    Peach: Please! You embarrassing yourself…

  23. Luigi vs. Bowser

    Bowser: Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!! The Second-string looking to make his mark again…
    Luigi: Says the Koopa King who lost his mark a million times…
    Bowser: Grrraaaaaaawwwwwrrrr! You're gonna get a mark on your big nose, plumber!


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