Mame Testing 1up Handheld

1up Brand from @AliExpress Official Channel with a raspberry pi build in.
Best way to play your old retro games on the go with this ULTIMATE handheld ?

Main Review:

Where to buy ?

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28 thoughts on “Mame Testing 1up Handheld”

  1. Loved this thing to bits had one too. But only con is. Holding it in hands the edge is too big and a bit sharp. All tho its a very strong built. With a great quality

  2. Stay away from this unit, I purchased one last year and I had to sent it back. The sound quality is garbage, it gets uncomfortable to hold this after a while. The buttons and construction of this feel so cheap, definitely not worth picking this overpriced junk.

  3. Hi WG, may I know how to go back to main game selection menu after each game played? Which buttons to press?

  4. hey ff een vraagje he, ik heb ook de piboy xl maar bij elk spel krijg ik aan de zijkant van het scherm het gameboy scherm of playstation.. hoe krijg ik dat weg?

  5. Crazy looking device but very nice. Video looks great. I find filming handhelds very difficult but you have it down to a science. Yeah the volume is always a necessity. I like the volume wheel better than the buttons or sliders.

  6. Cart keep up with ypu bro this realy looks cool bro keep well are thes cheep and do you get all games with it


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