Longplay of Gex: Enter the Gecko

Longplay of Gex: Enter the Gecko, played as the NTSC version on the PlayStation. This game’s version was released on Feb. 24th, 1998. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below!

0:00:36 – Intro
0:02:44 – Toon TV: Out of Toon
0:16:47 – Scream TV: Smellraiser
0:33:01 – Bonus Bonanza: Aztec 2 Step
0:35:57 – Boss TV: Gilligex Isle
0:37:38 – Kung-Fu Theater: Mao Tse Tongue
0:56:20 – Bonus Bonanza: Thursday the 12th
0:59:31 – Circuit Central: www.dotcom.com Part 1
1:06:39 – Boss TV: Mooshoo Pork
1:09:39 – Circuit Central: www.dotcom.com Part 2
1:23:13 – Scream TV: Frankensteinfeld Part 1
1:31:21 – Bonus Bonanza: In Drag Net
1:34:54 – Scream TV: Frankensteinfeld Part 2
1:40:37 – Rocket Channel: The Umpire Strikes Out
1:53:30 – Bonus Bonanza: The Spy who loved himself
1:57:02 – Toon TV: Fine Tooning
2:11:03 – Pre-History Channel: Pangaea 90210
2:23:09 – Bonus Bonanza: I got the Reruns
2:26:53 – Circuit Central: Honey I shrunk the Gecko
2:46:03 – Bonus Bonanza: Trouble in Uranus
2:48:54 – Boss TV: Gexzilla Vs. Mecharez
2:52:54 – Pre-History Channel: This old Cave
3:06:52 – Scream TV: Poltergex
3:26:19 – Kung-Fu Theater: Samurai Night Fever
3:42:20 – Bonus Bonanza: Bugged Out
3:45:22 – Bonus Bonanza: Lizard in a China Shop
3:47:50 – Rocket Channel: Pain in the Asteroids
4:06:29 – Rezopolis: No Wedding and a Funeral
4:16:17 – Bonus Bonanza: Chips and Dips
4:20:11 – Secret Station: Texas Chainsaw Manicure
4:25:09 – Secret Station: Lava Daba Doo
4:29:55 – Secret Station: Mazed and Confused
4:40:02 – Boss TV: Channel Z
4:44:18 – Ending Sequence
4:45:07 – Secret Ending Sequence
4:45:30 – Concept Art
4:48:34 – Credits

By: Retro Game Spacko

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26 thoughts on “Longplay of Gex: Enter the Gecko”

  1. This game was a lot of fun, i sometimes made Gex touch fire in the Media Dimension and kept him there just for laughs and to goof off

  2. i loved this game as a kid but when i replayed it on an emulator a couple of years ago i realized the camera and controls are kind of ass compared to other platformers at the time like mario 64 and banjo-kazooie. however, the levels are arguably even more creative than the aforementioned games. entering a new level in gex feels almost like you're entering a new game entirely and i love that. this game was fun but it had the potential to be legendary.

  3. damn, i didn't realize the version i played on n64 as a kid was so incomplete. that final cutscene was pretty funny.

  4. My mom used to be so pissed about us playing this game since there was cursing so she made us return it to Blockbuster…and then we ended up renting it again a few weeks later so she just gave up. The 90s..


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