Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote: Improve Your Presentation Game

The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is a premium-quality Bluetooth remote that will give your presentation delivery that extra bit of polish. Highlight or magnify your presentation using the awesome built-in pointer, and get haptic feedback when your presentation slot is coming to an end.

Stay tuned to the end for full details on all pointer modes and how to best to configure the remote on your Mac.

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7 thoughts on “Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote: Improve Your Presentation Game”

  1. There is also an open source software that brings support and most features for the Logitech Spotlight to the Linux Desktop, see: https://github.com/jahnf/Projecteur

  2. I have been using the Spotlight for over two years, and probably about 200 seminars.
    One of the unique features is that if you have two screens you can highlight on both screens at the same time.
    The Spotlight is an attention grabber.

  3. Traditional Laser pointers don’t show up on many TVs. TVs are now the norm in most corporate conference rooms, so this remote (including the virtual laser mode) is quickly becoming a must have.

  4. FWIW This can also be paired with an iPad Pro via Bluetooth. Very limited functions tho. Can forward and reverse slides in PowerPoint and Keynote but no pointer function. But at least if you get stuck presenting from an iPad you can move away from the device.

  5. For Linux there is an Open Source Software, that brings Logitech Spotlight features to the Linux Desktop: https://github.com/jahnf/Projecteur


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