Let's Play Stay Tooned! 16: Saturday Morning Return (Finale)

Greatest dream or greatest nightmare? You decide…

Thanks for watching Let’s Play Stay Tooned! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks to all the viewers, subscribers, and also people who have sent me messages concerning the game. I hope the next one will be as successful as this one! Thanks goes to all of you!

This episode contains police stereotypes, “the pink stuff”, CATS, treasure in every dig spot, land lording, kitchen safety, the return of the quartet, marriage problems, cat care, a sideshow, the last place to get cheese, all the power, radioactive shooting, atom transportation, and the ultimate reality check. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Thanks for watching!

I am also open to any requests for any games that you have for me. I do take into consideration any requests that you may have, whether it be a game that I enjoy dearly or a game I have never heard of. Send me a message and I will listen, I swear! It does not guarantee I will do the game quickly, but it may appear down the line.

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18 thoughts on “Let's Play Stay Tooned! 16: Saturday Morning Return (Finale)”

  1. They should make a GOOD ending, of when you should escape Toonland out of the TV, running after Pixel and Chisel.

  2. And how did you call the police about the donut that won't let you in 5B, is that you took care of, the police was like "yeah he was glazed, yeah yeah with the pink stuff, delicious, you won't believe it oh, case closed" how did that happen

  3. Wait a tick. Dave Lovelace worked on this game? The same guy behind Retarded Animal Babies? Boy, that sure explains a LOT.

  4. It was a treat you uploaded this game. I saw a bit and downloaded it. It Rocked. To many good things to say about it. Keep doin what your doin


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