LeBron James' Penis Showed During Game 4 of NBA Finals

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If you’ve ever wanted to see LeBron James’ penis well today is your lucky day! King James accidentally flashed the camera while adjusting his shorts in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Following the Usher remix of the national anthem, an ABC camera caught King James adjusting his compression shorts a little too aggressively.

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25 thoughts on “LeBron James' Penis Showed During Game 4 of NBA Finals”

  1. As with Janet's nip slip and several other celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, that happened in less than a second and I barely could tell anything happened AT ALL. My point being who the hell are these people that are staring so hard at the tv that they catch this shit???

  2. Over 4,000,000 people tuned in here just to see a black man's dick … the power of a black man or this is America


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