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I take great pleasure presenting to you my rendition of SpaceX’s Dragon 2 that I created in KSP. I have spent the week building the Dragon 2 Space Capsule, upgrading my Falcon 9 and documenting it in a way that should hopefully be very gratifying to watch as my way of celebrating NASA’s Launch America.

Originally I was going to build this after the launch of Crew Dragon Demo-2 so I’d have all the support material I’d like to go with the project from the start but since @KerbalSpaceP is taking part in Launch America and lots of my followers have asked me to create this ASAP I thought, who needs sleep? Let’s do this.

I said before I wanted to wait until after Demo-2 so, like SpaceX, what I have done is created a fully working Dragon 2 and used it to replicate the main three test missions so we get the best of both worlds here. I will also follow up with a Demo 2 a video as soon as the real life mission is over, no messing round, so remember to subscribe for that 🙂

Since I am in lock down mode I have taken the opportunity to add as many details and tidy up the craft as much as I can. I still stuck to a deadline so there is always more I could add and tweak but this really is one of the finest craft files I have made, for example the inside has a functional crew compartment. I even took the trouble of prioritising things like the naming of each sub-assembly etc but you can see that for yourself when you download these treasures.

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22 thoughts on “Launch America – Dragon 2 – Kerbal Space Program”

  1. Amazing craft but one question. What did you use for the Super Draco thrusters. I tried puff monopropellant engines but they have a rubbish TWR.

  2. Nice Work! I have a question though how did you make grid fins? Which part? And whether they can act as control surfaces or just for aesthetics?


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