Kirby Star Allies – Soul Melter EX Boss Rush Playthrough (The Ultimate Choice)

A full playthrough for the new “Soul Melter EX” difficulty in “The Ultimate Choice” game mode in Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch.

This secret difficulty is unlocked by completing “Heroes in Another Dimension”, and is even harder than regular Soul Melter.

All bosses have received some upgrades, most noticeably Whispy Woods, Kracko, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Lord Hyness, The Three Sisters, Morpho Knight, Void Termina & Astral Birth: Void.

I played this co-op with my friend, and it was a lot of fun. Yeah, it doesn’t really showcase much skill, since it’s 2 player, but since my friend was here we just went with it. 👀

I may do a solo run later on, but probably not anytime soon because Smash Ultimate is coming out in a few days.

Below is a link to the Kirby Star Allies gameplay videos, including a 100% walkthrough and some compilations:


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42 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies – Soul Melter EX Boss Rush Playthrough (The Ultimate Choice)”

  1. You are truly insane and unhealthy if you beat this by yourself. No other friends, no copy ability, just Kirby.

    Actually no don’t do that even if you are insane.

  2. u sure you want me to do this
    u sure
    i still want to see my family
    i don't want to die
    please, let me see my family one last time

  3. I always wondered If people also think ESP is the most broken power up, any opinions, cause I think you can camp a zone and deal damage plus If you master it you will never recieve damage cause of the premonition attack and the "counter"

  4. at least HAL knew what they were doing knowing (adding some spice for the experienced players), knowing that their target audience isn't only kids. Gamefreak on the other hand… pokemon used to be fun with the difficult tasks and awesome pixel art, then 3D came along and they made the game "child friendly" AKA easy AF. they should have known better.

  5. I like to think that Kirby is a Buffalo Wild Wings employee mad at the customer so he just dumps 4 containers of the spiciest sauce on the customer wings and serves it to him

  6. Lv 1 ooh a nice curry 🍛 okay just one drop 😀
    Lv 2 maybe a little more 🙂
    Lv 3 umm a little bit 😌
    Lv 4 no still not hot enough 😒
    Lv 5 did I say stop I want more 😥
    Lv 6 come on come on😡
    Lv 8 garbs a giant container full of hot sauce MAWHAHAHHAHHHHHHHH OK THEN I WIIL DUMP THE WOHLE THING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👿👿👿👿

  7. I haven’t played this game in a while but I just came back and unlocked this and got all hearts/beat Heroes in Another Dimension, so next time I can have my one cousin over, who also has the game, I will take this challenge on. (Also Void is literally just the game telling you that you shouldn’t have wanted more)

  8. Ok I did way more advanced strategies than you and actually switched to the elements that worked best for each boss but I HAVE to go solo NO ONE I know is even half competent enough to know the basics or they are uninterested does having a second player really help that much?


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