John gets an Atari I, Robot Arcade game – 1984 – First 3D polygon video game!

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In this video, John takes delivery of an Atari I, Robot Arcade Game. About 750 of these games were made in 1984. A very rare video game designed by Dave Theurer, the same designer who did Atari’s awesome Tempest Arcade Gaem.

We will attempt to get the power supply working in this video and check out the game!

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32 thoughts on “John gets an Atari I, Robot Arcade game – 1984 – First 3D polygon video game!”

  1. I bought this game back in 87 or thereabouts off an arcade on young street. I loved the game, I was given ONLY the logic boards, the controller and that's it. I bought a switching power supply (oh and I got the manuals) and knowing absolutely zero I got it all working on a NEC mutltisync monitor that I also bought. I loved the game so much, tenacity alone got my wiring up the whole thing. Again, I knew nothing other than a 10 minute crash course by one of the technician's. Dude, seeing that thing run on a 14 or 17 inch NEC multi sync was like god being in the room with me. It was unbelievable!

  2. TheArcadeGeek has a mint barely ever played I Robot he picked up for $2600 looks like it was kept in a time vault. You should check that video out for when you restore this one.

  3. to paint you HAVE to use a hight quality PRIMER then paint, several coats. THEN sand with different grits. much easier and faster. also you can use a sealer with a matte finish, lots less sanding involved. (i'm a house painter)

  4. No, these cabinets aren't identical. You forgot the differences between the control panels and the artwork!

  5. if you have not gotten it yet pin 8 plus audio in pin 7 is audio in negative pin 6 is audio out plus and pin 5 is audio out negative.if you ever need help with working out schematics or data sheets feel free to get a hold of me, I would also love to help with Computer Space and for the record it has a processor it is just made out of glue logic.

  6. John, a bit of history on this game:

    I just got done reading 'Atari: Business Is Fun' and found out that this was the last game produced by Atari before Warners sold off the consumer division to Jack Tramiel and the company became Atari Corp (the former consumer division) and Atari Games (the former coin-op division of the original Atari).

    If you haven't already read the book, I recommend it in spite of the annoying grammatical errors found throughout. A second edition of the book is supposedly in the works and will hopefully remedy these issues.

  7. John, I am having the same issue with my I, Robot. The nice guys on KLOV pointed me to a site that sells rebuild kits for the power supply.

  8. I feel like to replace that control panel you will have to take it off try to use a variety of fiberglass and bondo to make it take the original shape then mold and cast a new one

  9. Such a awesome game john
    I played this in Twickenham London were are lived and I loved it.
    Alpha 1 has two I've played them and it still rocks
    So cool buddy can't wait to see it going.1

  10. You cannot accurately test continuity or resistance with a component while it is in a circuit. It must be isolated from the circuit.  (i.e. desoldered and unconnected)

    Trying to test an active component, in this method, (i.e. a transistor) in a circuit will doom you to failure.  You will always get crazy readings.

    Good post, I like your progress!

  11. damn dude your stuff is amazing

    how'd you find a new in box monitor? these things are absolute hell to find nowadays

    crts going out of use really has affected me a lot lmao i really miss those puffy bulbs

  12. Should clean up and frame those tokens on your wall, somewhere. A nice piece of history in those fake coins, for sure. Nice to know that game must have been super popular to have overflowed the coin box, at one point.

  13. Awesome video!! Hey John, one question…. Can you see Major Havoc's flickering or it's just seen on video?? Thanks!

  14. first off I'd totally dig a Splatoon video from you, hehe… well there IS the big update coming next week with the new game modes, maps, weapons and clothing stuff. But yeah it's a fun game!

    Best of luck with the I, Robot restore though! Might have to try that one in MAME, hehe.

  15. A little feedback for you on that console thing John. A lot of us were drawn to your channel because it was solely arcade restore and repair. If you went consul it would just turn into a general video gaming channel and there are none of those on YouTube. Maybe start another channel kind of like the way you did with your podcasts

  16. Great video, as usual, John! When are you going to get the restore going on the Sprint 2? I have one I'm wanting to restore and it would be nice to have some guidance…


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