It's time for the Coooool BABY 600 in 1 NES Clone with HDMI !

600 in 1 Cool Baby / Review / Unboxing / / China / Family Computer / Mario / NES / 8-bit / Fake / Clone / Bootleg / Ali-Express

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NES Clone 600 –

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What do we get?: 0:39
System compare: 3:10
Mario Game List: 4:00
Turtle Game List: 6:05
Contra Game List: 6:16
Hot Blood Game List: 7:43
Adventure Game List: 8:25
545 in 1 Game List: 9:10
Final Toughts: 16:44
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48 thoughts on “It's time for the Coooool BABY 600 in 1 NES Clone with HDMI !”

  1. Don't forget to check the Wicked Gaming Channel !

  2. I just got one of these but I can't play 2 players for the super Mario bros, is this a fault with my console or can I not play 2 players even though the option is on the screen?

  3. No blaster master, no Friday the 13th, festers quest, nightmare on elm st. and some other games i like that aren't on here These are the games I want and so far this system does seem to support those so disappointed already

  4. Its crap, you cant save games. And some games are just hacks whats the point in playing a hacked game? You’re playing a game that doesnt even exist, its fake. And there arent 600 games, its absolutely bullshit

  5. Look this, do a review about it, test the compatibility of roms via sd card. Example: punch out, impossible mission, tiger heli and silent assault. They are my favorites.,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53

  6. Hi, I just bought this, but my TV screen shows No AV Signal. I even tried to use other AV Cable but got the same result. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you.

  7. Here's a poll question to ask you're subscribers:if you could get a custom Nes classic clone done with you're choice of games up to 154 which ones would you want? Me personally i'd pick Final Fantasy 1-3,Zelda 1&2,Megaman 2-6,TMNT 1-3,and a mixed bag of others ones from Nes Remix 1&2

  8. Does anyone have this console? I want to buy it but I am not sure if it is good. I mean on Quality. To be honest, I've never heard for this mark 'Cool baby'. Is it a good mark? Can someone tell me more please?❤

  9. Please know if it's possible to delete games and add others? Ever tried connecting usb cable on pc?

  10. This system has naked mario. The case alone is worth the $. I recommend the Super Retrocade over this. More expensive but you can play more games, save, and add roms.

  11. Can you play one of the cool games like Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Galaga and not the same games every other video like this is playing like Super Mario, Sonic, and Contra. Thanks

  12. This got repetitive games? Kirby ghost n goblins??? I’m waiting a one I bought from wish 620 and I read it’s a trash and this one is better but I can’t find it also I can’t find the original where I live and by internet it’s high cost than In stores 😒

  13. Final mission is the game scat but no continues. s.c.a t. to buy goes for around 100 dollars. It is crazy. Tournament fighters maybe 40, contra 30, mega mans 20, mike tyson 30.
    I bought the 620 one but returned it. The games were crappy bootlegs .
    I bought the official nes mini but it has too much lag.

  14. Hi guys! I got one too. But it worked for about 20 mims, and then it stopped. Now it shows nothing on my tv screen. Help!


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