Is It Rigged? Blackout The Arcade Redemption Game – Skill Or Luck?!?!

Arcade Adventures – Episode 335 “Is it rigged?: Blackout Arcade Redemption Game”

Have you ever played the arcade game called Blackout? The object of the game is the cover the planet with a few characters. Do you think its rigged similar to Stacker and certain claw machines? Have you won a prize on blackout before? Leave a comment below and also like, share and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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15 thoughts on “Is It Rigged? Blackout The Arcade Redemption Game – Skill Or Luck?!?!”

  1. The game is rigged. I work at an arcade, there is a setting menu for the owner to go through and choose the payout for the prize levels. Typically the smaller prizes are a 1/10 and the top prize is 1/500. Pay out rates can different for each Blackout machine.

  2. I've seen the game a few times but it gave out tickets looks like it be fun to play. grate vide


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