Irish People Watch Game Grumps For The First Time

Irish people get their grump on watching the Game Grumps! MERCH MADNESS:
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Game Grumps is a gaming YouTube channel featuring Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan as the hosts. They mostly play games but have recently started a new show called the Ten Minute Power Hour where they partake in fun challenges. The channel has surged in popularity over the years with almost a whopping five million subscribers! So, we thought it’d be a fun ol’ romp to show our TRYers the grumpy gamers and see what they thought of the couple of cards telling some mmMMMm, funny jokes!

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22 thoughts on “Irish People Watch Game Grumps For The First Time”

  1. 4:53 "you don't have to scream for everything…"
    Sure, but when you're making a comedy show and getting genuinely frustrated at something…

  2. "Maybe we're not the right demographic"

    Well, Dermott…considering Dan (the one with the wild hair) once said he was packed with peanuts, I'm going to go ahead and say that show is definitely not for you.

  3. WAY better than fbes reaction video. These guys seem to have actually done research into what the most revereed episodes are

  4. Okay, I was so worried when they opened with the mouth gage, but am so happy they closed with Battle Kid. Battle Kid really plumps the spectrum of GG

  5. A good recommendation, for the Irish populous, Paper Mario and the thousand year door. Great playthrough, great laughs!

  6. How can you watch game grumps for the first time without a Dan talking about Avi compilation? That’s like taking a shit without looking back in the bowl before you flush!

  7. "The one that's supposed to be grumpy is just not on my level" No one is on Ryan's level when it comes to grumpy. In 10 years he'll just be communicating solely by hurling whisky bottles at people.


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