Irish People Play The Presentation Game

“This game is definitely how The Room was written!”
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More Information:
The Presentation Game is a game invented by TomSka and his crew. The players act out a scenario using their wit and the images in a presentation, except they have no idea what the images are going to be.

The Tryers featured in this video:
Brian Gallagher:
Seán Connolly:
Irish Jesus:
Justine Mulligan:
Tom Moran:
Mitchell Goudie:

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42 thoughts on “Irish People Play The Presentation Game”

  1. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS, I'M IN PAIN HERE! Honest to God, that was insanely, funny. Here laughing my friggen, head off at three in the morning, frightened to death I'm going to wake up those around me.

    Why the hell, did I have to come across this now, and why the hell, have you not done loads of these since??!!


    My Best. Out.

  2. Brian and Sean made this!!!! They need to be together more often. Droolworthy and fantastically entertaining!!!!!! <3

  3. That image of the thomas the tank engine was from a hilarious show called Drawfee. These guys would get a kick out of watching that show. Might be something to try.

  4. Okay, I’m just going to keep recommending the Seinfeld episode, “The Contest”, everyday until you review it.

  5. Ah, lads! The Hop(s) of Justice! Or was it Just Ice?
    Funny frikkin vid, as always. I should really and truly rule out eating or drinking anything at all when I watch these vids, but I always forget to not do that……

  6. Also. I hope the beef jerky mention had a tiny bit to do with my insomnia induced manic short story I wrote in jest in the comments;)


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