How to use RMPrepUSB and grub4dos – Part 1 (increased volume)

How to use RMPrepUSB – to format your (USB) drives and make grub4dos multiboot USB drives. Increased playback volume version.
Complete eBook PDF ‘Getting started with grub4dos’ 2020 –
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For a multiboot solution see

RMPrepUSB was primarily intended to be used to create bootable USB Flash drives. RMPrepUSB will also work with internal and external IDE/SATA hard drives, SD cards and other external storage devices (mp3 players, etc.).

You can download RMPrepUSB from
Part 1 – Basic USB formatting with RMPrepUSB
Part 2a and b – Advanced features of RMPrepUSB
Part 3a and b – Making a multiboot grub4dos drive using RMPrepUSB

Full grub4dos tutorial at

Make a multiboot USB drive for MBR and UEFI –


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5 thoughts on “How to use RMPrepUSB and grub4dos – Part 1 (increased volume)”

  1. when i run qmu , i only see one partition and it says illegal partition table – drive 01 sector 0 (in 4 lines)
    can u help me with this , i followed all ur steps


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