How to Use Cheats on Nestopia NES Emulator

I made this video, because I couldn’t find one video on Youtube that explained how to use the cheat codes for the Nestopia Emulator which was made well. The videos that were made were poorly made, they skipped steps, and they didn’t explain it very well at all.

It must be the cult of video game cheaters who wanted to keep this a secret. I am just joking.

I never used the Game Genie on the NES, Genesis, SNES, Gameboy, or Game Gear back in the 1990s when it was released. The Game Genie was a cartridge that went inside a console, like a NES cartridge and it modified the code, so you could get infinite lives, infinite ammo, and skip to different levels. You had to enter a code to use the cheats however, like how I entered it in this tutorial.

The company that made it Codemasters wasn’t officially approved by Nintendo or Sega at first, but later Sega approved it for their Genesis systems. Nintendo tried to sue Galoob, the company that was selling Game Genies in North America, but they lost the settlement. Nintendo was saying the Game Genie was a derivative product, and the court ruled in favor of Galoob saying the Game Genie was not a derivative product.

The Game Genie was made by people who knew how to manipulate the programming language which was the 6502 Complier, it wasn’t a programming language like C. The same Complier was used to make Apple 2 and Commodore 64 programs as well. It was a very efficient programming language for those slow processors, because C is too inefficient to be used on the early consoles and computers of that time. I guess, Codemasters knew how to program with the 6502 Complier. Bascially, they hacked the code for the Nintendo and Sega consoles, so they can manipulate the game to give the players unlimited lives, etc.
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  1. Awesome man. Will use this as my reference. Been trying to use the level select cheat on Empire Strikes Back and it just doesnt work the conventional way xxx


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